The flavorful coffee diet

Weight lose dietFlavor and high energy input are not the only benefits of coffee. If you include this drink in your daily diet will get thin, reduce headaches and prevent serious diseases. Coffee is one of the most consumed worldwide, while there are hundreds of types of grain are produced in different countries.

Drinking coffee has become a habit practiced by many people, even several times a day and it is therefore important to know what brings privileges.

Despite the bad reputation of caffeine, I must say that coffee is a food very beneficial for health because it helps improve and prevent many ailments, both physical and psychological. Although it might seem strange for a cup or two of coffee a day can help keep a good figure, improve your physical activity or prevent disease.

Never get healthy before been so easy as now, but just not yet be convendida learn what your best benefits.

Their benefits
• It gives you energy. It is very well known the power of caffeine stimulate the nervous system, improving your mood and your ability to concentrate. Many are affected when sleep due to that state of alert but keep in mind the time of day you take it.
• Reduce headache. If you can relieve a headache with a cup of coffee, as it softens the tension of the blood vessels. It also helps people who suffer from migraines.
• It helps fight asthma. Coffee causes the bronchi to dilate and that serves to improve the treatment of asthma and allergies.
• Prevents cavities. If you drink coffee without sugar or milk will help to prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth.
• Reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. Some studies have shown that people who do not drink coffee are 3 times more likely to suffer from this serious disease.
• Reduces the risk of cancer. People who consumed 2 or more cups of coffee daily are less likely to develop colon cancer, liver or bladder.
• Prevents diabetes. If you take 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day will help prevent diabetes by up to 30%.
• Help you cope with depression. Some studies claim that, because of its energy supply, coffee helps bring better the problems of depression.

If you are a coffee fanatic and want to take advantage of this, take note! and turns your daily pleasure in a solution to your extra kilos.

Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit.
Lunch: One serving of beef, chicken or fish, a tomato salad and coffee or tea.
Dinner: A portion of grilled meat, a tomato and lettuce salad and a grapefruit or melon.
Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit.
Lunch: fruit salad and coffee.
Dinner: hamburger (without bread) and all the vegetables you want.
Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit.
Lunch: Tuna salad and a grapefruit or melon.
Dinner: 2 pork chops, salad vegetables and coffee.
Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit.
Lunch: 2 eggs, cottage cheese, 3 courgettes and a coffee with toast.
Dinner: Grilled chicken, spinach or green pepper and coffee.
Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit.
Food: Carrot Salad. Boiled fish and a tomato juice.
Dinner: Fish and coleslaw.
Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea.
Lunch: boiled chicken and a salad of cabbage and carrot.
Dinner: Salad with Carrot and 2 eggs.
Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea.
Food: Beef boiled and 2 blocks.
Dinner: Dinner Choose any of the previous days except Wednesday.
Start now to enjoy the aroma and taste of good coffee while gaining in health.

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