The diet of the three juices!

Three juiceThe benefits of pineapple, papaya and tamarind, include them in your diet and … Lose weight effortlessly!

The natural juices are the perfect natural alternative to lose weight. In general, the juices provide vitamins, fiber and minerals, which have benefits diuretics, and satisfying.

Take them for breakfast, a snack or drink all day, doing a juice fast based. The diet of juice detoxifies the body while strengthening the defenses and increase energy.

Natural and fresh squeezed
juice diet lasts three days and with it you can lose weight easily. First, we must take into account that the ideal is to choose very ripe fruit and, if possible, organic and are grown with minimal chemicals. Second, it is important that the preparation a snap to take advantage of all its properties. In fact, this cure is not possible based on packaged juices as they contain added sugar, additives and sweeteners, which provide calories and no beneficial effect on health.

What is the best time?
The fruit diets are more desirable perform them during the spring or summer, that is, to be followed in hot weather. When it’s cold raw foods tend to cool the body, being precisely during the winter season when the body calls for hot foods that sing the body.

What is the diet of three days?
The diet consists of juices juices three fruits: papaya, pineapple and tamarind, as they are particularly suited to lower weight. These products satisfying, low in calories and help eliminate body fat reserves. In each of these three days you must drink a glass of juice 250 cc. with breakfast and lunch, snack and dinner, drinking a total of one liter per day. You can also take an extra glass diluted in a pint of water mid-morning.

During these 3 days only three juice drink without eating any solid food. No need to overcome this period of time, since it is an unbalanced diet, and the body need nutrients, although in this period fruit satisfies the necessary nutrients, lengthen mean a deficit of some, such as proteins. You will need to drink two liters of mineral water daily and you make light physical activity. It should also be a week before starting the diet drink the juice of these fruits.

Properties of papaya, pineapple and tamarind
• The pineapple juice contains an enzyme-inflammatory and diuretic and is also rich in minerals and accelerates the digestive processes.
• Tamarind contains some acids that block the action of the receptor cells of fat. It is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, vitamin C, iron and calcium. Finally, the papaya is used to get more protein.
• The papaya juice improves digestion and gives  vitamins and calcium, iron, magnesium, carbohydrates, zinc …

After carrying out the three-day diet, you should perform a soft diet fruit, cooked vegetables, grilled chicken and fish. You should continue the intake of papaya juice, tamarind and pineapple for a month to complete the reductive process. It is necessary to eliminate certain foods from your diet, such as alcohol, sugars, refined flours and fatty foods. If you repeat the diet for three months, will further enhance its slimming effect.

Take advantage of the opportunities that give you fruit juices and thins in the most effective and tasty! Only three days, three to five times daily juices … juices burning fats! Source:

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