The American Diet

American DietThe American diet you will never feel hungry. Remember that the most elegant women of the world gave a positive review for this diet. And now her secret will be able to find you. The American diet is – one of the leading and most important in the world.

It followed the American model, such as Bonnie and Rosemary, thanks to this diet, their figure was perfect during the whole career. Waist Bonnie reached 55 cm Waist Rosemary – 61 cm This way of eating is called Hollywood, because most of the stars of Hollywood films adhered to and achieved very successful results.

Breakfast is quite uniform: one or two small cups of coffee for coffee lovers and sugar can sweeten it a bit to drink was not strong, it is necessary to dilute a small amount of skim milk. Of fruit – an orange or an apple. A soft-boiled egg, 1 slice of bread or toast. This is the breakfast for the whole week.

Lunch Monday
150-200 g. Fried or steamed fish, 100 g. Celery leaves dressed with a lemon, a little cup of tea or weak coffee, it is desirable to eliminate sugar and milk.

Dinner Monday
100 gr. Minced cooked meat with the addition of a chicken egg yolk and 1 tsp finely chopped onion. A little bit of bread, 200 ml. skim milk, apple.

Lunch on Tuesday
200 gr. Slightly stewed fresh spinach, 150 gr. stewed calf’s liver, not breaded in bread crumbs or flour, two medium sized potatoes, boiled in their skins, a cup of tea and coffee.

Dinner Tuesday
Fresh cabbage, tomatoes, carrots or beets, for filling 25 ml. vegetable oil, 200 ml. yogurt. A little bit of bread or toast, 1 egg cook, a translucent slice of lean ham.

Lunch Protection
200 gr. low-fat yogurt. Fresh cabbage, tomatoes, carrots or beets, dressed with 25 ml. vegetable oil. A toast, a boiled egg and 50 oz. bacon grease.

Dinner Environment
200 gr. low-fat yogurt 2 chicken eggs (boiled hard boiled) 2 fresh tomatoes, a couple of toast. Fruit pear or apple.

Lunch on Thursday
200 gr. roasted or boiled chicken, 150 gr. finely chopped salad of white cabbage, season with juice of one lemon. A toast. One cup of tea without sugar.

Dinner on Thursday
50 gr. Cottage cheese in a pure form, without refueling, add a handful of green onions, a slice of fresh Bulgarian pepper and raw egg yolk, 6 pcs. radish, 1 toast, 1 cup milk (fat content of 0%). Can an apple.

Lunch on Friday
50 gr. Cottage cheese in a pure form, without refueling, add a handful of green onions, a slice of fresh Bulgarian pepper and raw egg yolk, 6 pcs. radish, a toast, 200 ml. milk (fat content of 0%). Can an apple.
Dinner on Friday
Scrambled eggs (1-2 eggs, fresh vegetables: cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, green onions). Tomato salad with lemon juice and season with chopped green onions. 1 green apple.

Lunch on Saturday
150-200 g. Boiled fish, 150 g. Green salad + lemon juice. A couscous. bread. 1 serving of sugar-free coffee.

Dinner Saturday
150 gr. Steamed beef with grated horseradish. A little bit of green salad + lemon juice, 200g. Milk (0% fat), 1 apple.

Sunday Lunch
200 gr. a couple of cooked chicken meat, 100 gr. rice, 100 grams. lettuce season with lemon juice, a glass of milk (fat content of 0%) of fruit – an apple.

Sunday Dinner
1 cup of yogurt, one and two steam cutlet, a slice of bread, fruit – an apple.

In order not to accumulate extra calories, do not exceed the specified number of products. Eliminate from your diet salty, spicy, vinegar, oil, alcohol.

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