Ten effective diets for winter

Wight loss dietsIn winter, the person body needs a lot of vitamins, particularly if that person wants to lose weight. However, do not of necessity have the vitamins and type with the extra pounds. We’ll show you how to eat to lose weight. Whatever it may sound strange, but doing accurately the recommendations of the chosen diet, you will lose up to 10 pounds of excess weight! At the same time does not need to have nothing to eat you.

All obtainable in this article, diet, developed by Rafaello Gowon, a nutritionist and head of the Italian center of nutritional surgery. The diet of each diet contained about twelve hundred calories, which should be quite enough healthy body!

Winter diet is number 1
For breakfast, should eat three slices of corn bread, covered with a small amount of jam (or jam), 200 milliliters of fresh cranberry juice, a cup of barley coffee or tea with brown sugar beet.

For lunch, if during the day you are suffering from hunger, you can eat twenty grams of Parmesan cheese, some almonds, and two slices of apricot.

At lunch you can enjoy a chicken leg (150 grams) with lemon juice (permitted to observe the chicken on the turkey). Zucchini or eggplant, seasoned with garlic and parsley, and poured a teaspoon of vegetable oil. You can pamper yourself and steamed vegetables (it could be spinach, and zucchini, and eggplant, and lettuce and cabbage, and beans). Dinner meal is recommended to supplement a small slice of rye bread.

At lunch nutritionist recommends eating a small portion of fresh cherries, or a big juicy peach. You can drink it all a glass of goat’s or cow’s milk.

At dinner, boil a large potato, cook about two hundred grams of lettuce octopus and zaeshte all this slice of pineapple.

Duration of the winter diet number 1 is 5 – 18 days. To achieve results, always follow the recommended diet. It is worthwhile to devote time to fitness. At least walk briskly every day or do some sit-ups.
Winter diet is number 2
For breakfast, consume fried slice of white bread with a small piece of cheese or ham. Wash down all that glass of freshly squeezed grape juice. If there is no money for wine, it can replace a cup of coffee or tea. Both should be drunk without sugar.

At lunch, as in the first diet, snack twenty grams of Parmesan cheese, or one large kiwi. If desired, you can replace small kiwi strawberry skeet.

For lunch, dietitian recommends Raffaello eat two plates of cold salad Farro, or replace it with lentils, cooked with fennel, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. For dessert you can eat a slice of fresh pineapple or apricot fruit.

Snack in the strict diet. Allowed to eat only one banana, and the small.

At dinner, boil or fry two large eggs. If for any reason you do not want to eat eggs, you can cut the salad and add the green beans. And eggs, and lettuce to eat with rye bread.
Winter diet is number 3. Lose weight just in the winter!
For breakfast, make a sandwich or a delicious steak or nibble dried nuts. As a drink, you can use tea or coffee – which is more like it. Not recommended to use sugar. If you absolutely can not without him, at least replace the usual refined beet sugar to brown.

During lunch you can eat 200 grams of simple boiled rice, without meat and without spices.

For lunch, it is desirable to eat vegetables. Rather turn them into a salad, then you can consume about 100-200 grams of fried chicken or rabbit. Vegetables steamed recommend. Do not ignore the garlic and onions in the winter of their benefit can not be overestimated. As with the previous two winter diets for weight loss, meal supplement can only cereal grain (oats, rye).

At lunch you can treat yourself to a fruit salad of oranges, apples and bananas (and any other fruit that you can afford). In a salad is recommended to add an ice cream cake.

At dinner, boil two hundred grams of fish and eat it with a slice of rye bread. At night you can eat a slice of pineapple.
Winter diet is number 4. Diet for four days of winter.
In winter, breakfast is very good to eat dairy products and, therefore, will not deprive their attention. It is recommended to eat cottage cheese with sugar-free jam and a glass of cow’s milk. All this can be supplemented by glass of tea, coffee or cocoa, sweetened with brown sugar.

For lunch eat half a red apple, a piece of parmesan cheese. Two small sandwiches with ham or expensive walnuts.

For lunch, boil brown rice with lentils. If for some reason do not want to eat porridge, cook zucchini or eggplant with fragrant spices (thyme is perfect). If the sale is a watermelon, eat a slice.

At lunch consume simple classic yogurt or kefir, if not wait to lose weight. You can replace all this on a portion of ice cream “sundae.”

For dinner you can consume any vegetable dish to choose from. Only vegetables should be fresh. Complete the meal with a slice of rye bread. Before going to bed drink a cup of tea can be herbal.
Winter diet is number 5. Diet in December.
This diet is designed for New Year’s Eve. Thanks to her, you can quickly take shape before the holidays and keep yourself in shape.

For breakfast, eat wheat biscuits and hot tea. In connection with a New Year mood can eat a piece of cake. If you weary of tea you can drink coffee or freshly squeezed citrus juice.

During lunch, a nutritionist advises eat yogurt with berries or slices of oatmeal.

At lunch allowed using a little tender lean meat. For this an ideal choice beef, grilled with Parmesan cheese. Please add a slice of meat can be rye bread with soft cheese. Ideal for the same cheese or plain cheese.

At dinner, buy rye bread, strawberries, two hundred grams of fish. Make a simple salad of fresh vegetables. The fish is recommended to boil. At bedtime you can have no strong herbal tea without sugar or an infusion of herbs.
Winter diet is number 6
Let me introduce you to the best of the simple and original diet for all three months of winter: December, January and February.

For breakfast, cook coffee without milk, and, preferably, with a minimal amount of sugar. Coffee is allowed to use a croissant.

For lunch, eat two fried slices of white bread with ham.

For lunch, it is recommended to prepare a simple salad with chicken and Parmesan cheese. Boil chicken and chop first. In a salad, add the celery. Complete the meal with a piece of rye bread. If you’re not at work or while driving, the dinner meal can be decorated with a glass of red wine and one red apple as a dessert.

During snack nutritionist recommends eating one apple, whose size depends on the appetite and the desire to lose weight, and three almond nut.

For dinner, prepare or order a pizza with vegetables. Make sure that there was no meat, it is essential! However, in our opinion, a bit of ham does not hurt. At night, looking a little drink sweetened with brown sugar, hot tea.
Winter diet number 7. Diet for seven days of winter

As you know by name, this diet is designed for a week. Due to the simple diet, Ferro recommends this diet is to apply to the New Year.

For breakfast, eat a slice of rye bread, and drink a glass of cow’s milk.

For lunch back up thirty grams of parmesan cheese and a little kiwi.

For lunch, it is recommended to cook vegetables salad tomatoes. Eat this salad with a slice of rye bread.

At any fruit snacks are allowed, which can find. But remember: if you want to find consistency, they need to have a little bit. Are ideal for citrus.

Shelf for dinner salad and green apple. Suitable for sausage and cheese or Parmesan cheese, pounded with a few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. As in the previous diet, bedtime is recommended to drink herbal tea or a glass of water.
Winter diet is number 8. Or a diet “Minus 8 pounds” for the winter

This diet can be classified as benign, calculated that during the three winter months, you will lose weight at 8 kgs.

For breakfast, consume a modest slice of apple pie, fresh citrus juice or a cup of coffee.

Allowed for lunch apricot or other fruit such as apples, bananas and others. Do not forget to use the parmesan cheese, which, if you noticed, Raffaella Gowon recommends to use for lunch almost every winter diets.

For lunch, cut five slices of ham and cook melon. All this will certainly append rye bread.

At lunch we recommend eating two slices of white bread and dried ham.

For dinner, consume one hundred grams of cheese, salad of celery and two slices of rye bread.
Winter diet is number 9. Diet for Weight Loss

We looked at virtually all diets in our winter list. Let me introduce you to the penultimate – diet number 9!

For breakfast, a nutritionist recommends to use a muffin with dried beef. As you can drink to choose from coffee, tea or fruit juice.

For lunch eat a classic yogurt.

For lunch, bake the fish and eat it with salad. A piece of fish should weigh no more than 200 grams. To him, you can add a potato and a slice of rye bread. Wash down dinner glass of water.

In this diet does not provide snack.

Boil beans for dinner and eat it with canned fish. As of canned fish will fit like salmon and mackerel.
Winter diet is number 10. The most effective of the entire list.

Finally the famous Italian nutritionist saved the most effective diet that not only is at number 10, but also helps to effortlessly get rid of 10 pounds of excess weight.

Recommended for breakfast oatmeal, dried apricots and a glass of milk. If you prefer, you can mix and eat with a spoon from a single plate.

At a dinner to cook Italian rice risotto with blueberries or strawberries, plenty of flavor dish with parmesan cheese and raw vegetables. As permitted only drink a glass of water.

At lunch, prepare a salad of melon, or eat a slice of watermelon. Drink two cups of cow’s milk. If desired, you can replace a large mug of cappuccino.

At dinner, a nutritionist advises chicken salad. If there is no chicken, turkey suit. All this additional slice of rye bread. Before going to bed drink a herbal tea.

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