Ten basic steps to lose weight ten kilos

lose weight Get fit and your body is the envy of the pool and the beach this summer? Notes and get going!

Time to look Do not you dare palm because you left the care of your body waiting until the last minute, have you hidden during the winter under thick layers of clothing?
You’re on time! You know what to do if you want to lose weight? Takes note of the 10 obligations you must follow to the letter from today and you will achieve down to 10 kilos … And enjoy the summer!

1.Busca support: you need motivation, as it is crucial when trying to lose weight. If you need moral support (or physical) convinces your friends, your boyfriend or a cousin with whom you have confidence to become your coach or … in your official cheerleader. If you can not back up your environment as you should, try dieting group: sharing a project and see how the others follow and resist encourage you and help you achieve your goals.

2.No mess hurry to lose 10 kilos is not achieved in three days. You must give yourself time, without punishing and without pressure you. If you become obsessed with the idea of losing weight so I do not manage to convince yourself that you need to change your lifestyle. And do not forget: fast losing often means winning as easily.

3.Consulta a dietitian: When starting a diet and want to break free path in the 10 kilos may need the support of a professional guide you not only nutritionally, but also help you with motivation.

4.Di goodbye to the bakery and delicatessen: to lose weight you must set limits and remove from power those who are too fatty or sugary. Replaces all the olive oil, you bring in a healthy way, all the fatty nutrients you need.

5.Hazte friend of the fish has fewer calories and brimming with omega-3, so it is very beneficial to keep in shape, and combine well with vegetables. As for the variety you have a lot to choose from salmon, tuna, whiting, Emperor … Try one each day!

6. Move!: All means are good for exercise … from up and down stairs or go get the paper instead of receiving comfort of your home, to take the dog for longer periods of time. Try at least 35 minutes walking at a brisk pace every day.

7.Ojo the fridge: remember that it is essential not eat anything and you have at hand only balanced food. Give or hides the bakery and delicatessen: tempt you and end up falling. Make lists of menus or foods allowed and try to respect and, at the time of purchase super careful not to go hungry … Or buy with your stomach!

8.No not skip meals: If you skip a meal will not only accumulate more hungry for the next, but the body becomes alert and store more amount for the next shot. It is best to split them: please note that you must make a breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks in between. And do not forget: eat well at breakfast and lunch, and very light at night.

9. Watch your drink!: Alcohol seems harmless but has too much sugar so limit your intake if you want to seriously deshincharte. Carbonated drinks are also prohibited because of its high sugar content. You can consume light, but in moderation.

10.Abusa of fruits and vegetables: vegetables provide few calories, high in fiber and vitamins and also refreshed.

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