Strict diet or a diet routine?

People often think now I’m going to a strict diet, so soon I’ll be in shape! This kind of thinking unfortunately is determined by an all-or-nothing thinking, that even a minor infraction (such as eating a cookie at the most), it triggers deep feelings of guilt and can lead to loss of control and buffaloes.
Who makes a strict diet usually has a habit of:
skip meals reduce the amount eliminate certain foods. This inevitably leads to weight regain through the following 3 phases:
1 – The initial phase: the honeymoon, 2 – an advanced stage: the neurosis semi fasting 3 – the final stage. (In this post we shall refer to the first phase and will leave other two post deepen the other two phases).
Initial phase 1: the honeymoon

* Dietary restriction is difficult
* The reward for this effort are important:
positive comments from others about your physical appearance of someone who has started a diet
individuals attribute to diet and value thinness extremely positive, leading to a reinforcement of self-esteem, a strong sense of self-mastery and satisfaction in fact, very few people manage to perfectly follow a diet
* Transients are added benefits of biological modifications of the central nervous system: it feels more energetic, vital, light, almost euphoric (an evolutionary point of view these effects are induced by the body to put the individual in the best conditions to try to get food!)
In this idyllic stage, which I identified as the honeymoon unfortunately followed by two other phases that we will face far more stressful in the next post. Stay tuned!
The author of the post is Dr. Claudia Lo Comte , dietitian with offices in Prato. Decades of experience and passion for the details of its operation make it capable of processing:

*Diets really customized (by prescription) for a single person healthy or diseased: adult, child or children, overweight, skinny, epidemically, hypertension, diabetes;
*Nutritional Plans for Public or private structures: Common, Rest Homes, Nursery Schools, Centres for mentally disabled physicists, catering companies.
I always know its elaborate combine the demands of taste with the organizing, nutrition and hygiene, often finding truly original and personalized solutions.

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