Specificity of the diet

DietDetox diet in adding up to losing weight should help you to cleanse the body. Therefore, the diet programs, but also a “healthy” foods. This option proposes to use the cleansing diet protein and complex carbohydrates. However, the diet is balanced, so if you wish, you can sit out on the diet for another week.

Caloric intake in a day detoxes diet – about 1.5 thousand calories. For the body is a big constraint, so the harmony is achieved at a rate of 3.4 pounds per week. But losing weight – not the main purpose of the diet. Its key task – to cleanse the body and set it on self-healing and weight loss.

During purification, and even better – a few days before, in preparation, we must abandon the fried, food with preservatives and various unnatural additives, as well as to minimize the consumption of sugar and salt.

Already during the first three days of detox diet is cleansing the body from the majority of toxins and impurities. On the fifth day – self-healing mechanisms are triggered.
The first day
For breakfast, eat 2 toast of whole-grain bread with two teaspoons of honey or jam with low sugar content.

For lunch, fry the chicken breast on the grill, slice raw mushrooms, feta cheese, spinach or lettuce leaves, season with this salad with olive oil (a tablespoon) for dessert – a pear.

At the lunch portion is allowed to eat low-fat yogurt with cinnamon and two tablespoons of ground almonds.

At dinner, boil a hundred grams of pasta (ready-half cup), add half a cup of tomato sauce and two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese, the salad grate carrots, cucumber, add herbs, season with a drop of vinegar and a teaspoon of vegetable oil for dessert – 3 / 4 cups of berries.
The second day
For breakfast, mix the corn or not sweetened oatmeal, half a cup of bran, half a banana and a cup of yogurt or skim milk.

For lunch, pita bread or pita Start a half cup of hummus or mashed lentils, cilantro or parsley, lettuce, tomatoes and olives, cook for a dessert fruit salad with two plums, peaches and apples.

At lunch you can eat 30 grams of raw or lightly toasted almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts.

For dinner, prepare the lemon juice with a fillet of beef with no fat, bake one medium potato with a teaspoon of sour cream, lettuce flavor tablespoon of olive oil.
The third day
For breakfast a cup of berries to eat a quarter cup of sweetened cereal is not as well as with two tablespoons of skim milk and half cup of nonfat yogurt.

For lunch, prepare a complex sandwich of two slices of whole grain breads and 3 slices of turkey, tomato, a slice of Swiss cheese and low-fat mayonnaise for dessert – two mandarin.

At mid-morning snack eat an apple or a pear and a glass of any of fresh juice from vegetables.

For dinner, tuck turkey broth with green onions, a tablespoon of mozzarella, a quarter cup of finely chopped tomatoes and sour cream (a teaspoon), supplemented by two rye loaves, for dessert – ice cream is one of the fruit juice.
The fourth day
For breakfast shake in a blender cocktail of 3/4 cup low-fat milk, 1/4 cup apple juice, fruit cup and a small banana.

For lunch, prepare a sandwich of whole-grain bread and a slice of low fat cheese, leaf lettuce, red onion, cut into rings, tomato and a tablespoon of ketchup or mustard, as a dessert – fruit salad: apple, tangerine, strawberry.

At lunch, mix 3/4 cup bran cereal with a cup of skim milk and a tablespoon of wheat germ.

For dinner, prepare the 12 sushi or rolls with tuna, boil a large cup of green beans or a quarter of a cauliflower, a dessert – half an orange.
The fifth day
For breakfast, you can make scrambled eggs and one of the three proteins with tomatoes and chopped herbs, dried whole-wheat bread with a teaspoon of low-calorie jam from the fruit.

For lunch, prepare a sandwich of two slices of wholemeal bread and three slices of turkey, tomato, a slice of Swiss cheese and low-fat mayonnaise for dessert – two mandarin.

At mid-morning snack drink a cup of skim latte (or milk), eat two crackers wholemeal.

At dinner, marinate for 10-15 minutes salmon fillets in a tablespoon of soy sauce and a tablespoon of honey and fry, bake 5.4 medium potatoes, add lettuce or Chinese cabbage. For dessert, eat a bowl of berries with a tablespoon of nonfat yogurt.
The sixth day
For breakfast, prepare a sandwich of bran muffins, two teaspoons of low fat soft cheese and a slice of salted trout or salmon.

For lunch, eat a tuna fillet with a tablespoon of nonfat mayonnaise, two tablespoons of loganberry and cranberry, and walnut with a spoon; append lunch lettuce and Chinese cabbage, two crackers.
At lunch you can eat a cup of oat flakes, or two or rye bread, and a slice of low fat cheese.

Stew for dinner in a glass of tomato paste, chicken breast without skin, add a clove of garlic and half the chopped onions, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese with two spoons, a cup of boiled dinner append green peas or green beans, season with two teaspoons of olive oil and parsley, a dessert – grapefruit.
The Seventh Day
Bake an apple for breakfast, a glass of low fat yogurt, add two teaspoons of honey, cinnamon and a spoonful of any nuts.

For lunch, prepare a thin piece of pizza, carrots and green beans, boil and season with half a tablespoon of vegetable oil for dessert – a portion of frozen fruit juice.

During snack may be a fruit salad of apples, kiwis and plums with a tablespoon of nonfat yogurt.

At dinner, boil 3/4 cup shrimp or tofu, eat with a tablespoon of ginger and soy sauce, boil the peas, green beans or zucchini stew (as an option – a pumpkin), half cup of brown rice for dessert macaroons.

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