Soft weight lose diet

dietSoft diet texture is expressed as solid foods are whole, but subject to soft cooking, with little oil, no spice, so that your digestion is provided.

There is one embodiment of the bland diet called easy mechanical mastication or soft diet in which the modification of the texture is intended not only to promote digestion but only digestion.

The aim of the bland diet is to nurture the patient with minimal gastrointestinal stimulation in order to avoid complications in your state. Furthermore, insofar as it constitutes a phase of progressive diets, to determine the degree of tolerance and the possibility of progression to the basal diet.

Must be submitted in the diet all the food groups to get a complete feed, balanced and varied. The food is cooked, unseasoned and generally have a diet low in fiber. Be administered in small volumes, so common in 5 or 6 meals spread throughout the day.

Excludes all stimulants caffeine, colas and alcohol and physical irritant cereals and whole grains, fruits and vegetables, spicy food or latos, fibrous meat and chemical acidic fruits and sauces, diced calcium meat.

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