Slim diets for teens

diets for teensModern society is in recent times possesses the big a problem, the name of which excess weight. And this disease does not shy away from any one age group, including teenagers. The reason for this is usually a total or partial lack of exercise, and in recent years and the wrong diet.

Now the products have not appropriate for healthy living quality, to the same highly developed fast food, which is the main cause of obesity in adolescents. Most often, the problem is solved by increasing physical activity and dietary adjustments. However, when applied tools do not give proper result, measures to tighten.

Currently, there are a number of diets that are specifically designed for teenagers. They take into account all the needs of a growing young body. Here are a few options of diets for teenagers, which can be alternated with each other, thus creating a new special daily menu.

Menu 1
At breakfast a glass of juice, two eggs, cooked soft-boiled, and toast, which can be spread with a thin layer of oil. At mid-morning snack to eat a banana. Lunch is up a side dish of buckwheat and beef stew, salad, dressed with olive oil or lemon juice and a glass compote. Snack – fruit and a piece of biscuit. For dinner you can eat cottage cheese casserole and a glass of milk.

Menu 2
Breakfast consists of durum wheat pasta (150 g) and a tomato. At lunch offered a glass of milk and toast with cheese. Lunch – salad and baked fish. From drinks can tomato juice (a glass). In the evening you can eat a small handful of nuts and fruit. At dinner, ask the teen cucumber, tomato, and two fish cakes.

Menu 3
Breakfast will be buckwheat porridge (100g), chicken or turkey (100g), tea without sugar. Snack – a glass of milk and a banana. Lunch will consist of two boiled eggs, vegetable soup and toast with cheese. In the evening you can offer a low-fat yogurt and an apple. Dinner – potato, baked with herbs and tomato.

Menu 4
For breakfast – rice porridge cooked in milk, and tea without sugar. Lunch consists of an apple and yogurt with low fat content. Lunch will consist of a piece of black bread, red borscht and boiled lean beef (150g) with vegetables. In the evening you can eat a piece of sponge cake and fruit salad, and dinner – low-fat cottage cheese with a spoon of honey and dried fruit and a glass of milk.

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