Regular practice of physical exercise

physical exerciseRegular practice first prevents the emergence of obesity as it helps maintain lean mass.Physical exercise the main responsible of energy expenditure. For this reason, people who exercise can eat more calories, keeping your weight stable.

Exercise is also important in children and adolescents, as it promotes a harmonious body development, also is associated with healthier lifestyle habits, avoiding alcohol and snuff. Furthermore, sport education for all (especially children) in respect.

Both towards others and towards ourselves. Allows us to know our limitations, helps resolve situations where you have to take quick solutions, especially team sports, foster human relationships.

During menopause, has been seen in women who exercise not occur decreased energy expenditure, and therefore, the weight gain associated with the loss of the rules. In the elderly, inactivity rather than aging itself is the cause of deterioration of physical ability.

In addition, decreases the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Physical exercise is a mainstay of treatment of diabetes. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular risk factors associated with diabetes, and participate in the prevention of late complications of diabetes. However, up to 50% of patients with diabetes do not perform regular exercise.Exercise

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