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self tipsSelf-relaxation can now be carried out without fear, or spend too much money to that invite us to heavenly comfort and tranquility required … brings you some tips very appropriate to keep from your own home or office. The self-Recreation can cause the same positive results of a massage or spa therapy.

• breathing using the abdomen: experts say breathe using the stomach ensures stress leave. Imagine a triangle shape from your navel to your hip lobes, within that triangle is a balloon when you inhale, imagine that balloon full of air, otherwise you exhale,

and believe it or not this type of breathing to do at least five minutes a day can give you great benefits you’ll notice in all your health because you are sending more oxygen to your bloodstream, thereby inhibiting the alertness of the organism to stressful situations.

• Meditation deep: You can lie or lean in a comfortable chair with your back straight and let your body loosen completely, close your eyes and breathe as deep as you can five times. Then, go feeling every limb of your body, and concentrate on that part, imagine relaxing rested and mentally healthy by removing any trace that part visible or bruise that could have, then display another part of your body and thus, do not try, see gradually concentrating your thought. He opened his eyes experience a breathtaking tranquility and relaxation, as if you had taken a comfortable nap.
• Cognitive behavioral therapy: the therapy of positive thinking, and address the negative modes of thought. Place on paper, many times in the day should have said, I must, I have to, I could replace them!, Repeat this phrase I could! Sometimes the word and let you hear within us with his eyes closed. He thinks the fears and limitations that you cast the other words written on paper, then takes the paper and throw it away from you, walk a few steps forward repeating I COULD!, After a while you feel the desire to say I CAN!, To This statement adds the spiritual or social status you want to achieve, remember that you must be something that raises your self-esteem your everyday lifestyle. For example: I can be happy, I can be a better person, I can forgive an offense, I can correct my mistakes and correct …
• visualize in harmony: Try closing your eyes and thinking about the place that brings you peace and happiness, such as the beach where you rest with your feet buried in the sand, feeling the sea breeze, the smell of the sea and the sound of its waves crashing, you can visualize with the person you want and think at that time naturally. Breathe the feeling of being in that place, visualize and focus on the harmonious details you perceive there.

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