Protect your back from an early age

AgeA beautiful posture and good health? Let me give you some advice. – Remember that a dream only on a hard bed. Not on the boards, of course, but not on the beds.

Requires physical activity – walking, jogging, swimming, and exercise. Give up bad habits.

Do not stand on one leg, do not sit Hold the body straight. Load your both feet evenly.

Wear the correct weight, distributing weight evenly on both hands, or put his load in a backpack. Properly lift bags and other heavy items. Do not bend them, and squat to them! If you already have a violation of the spine, they need to adjust the specific exercise. In each case, the doctor picks them individually. You can do some simple exercises to maintain posture.

A. Stand up against the wall, lean against her neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves. The hands free to omit your sides and stand for 5 minutes several times a day.

B. Put a heavy book on your head and walk around the room with her for 2-5 minutes several times a day.

C. Also useful to do physical exercises with gymnastic stick. They give strength and elasticity of ligaments and muscles, improves breathing, circulation and metabolism. In addition, they have a positive effect on the nervous system, regulating the relationship between the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex and protects the joints from an early restriction of mobility.

For children – it is an effective means of prevention and treatment of spinal curvature, which allows to strengthen the blood circulation around the spine and joints, thus removing the congestion around them. Among other things, this exercise – the perfect preventive measure in case of violation of posture.

You can not do the exercises mechanically. You have to understand their meaning, performed with a sincere desire to ensure the accuracy and performance of each element. Need to breathe through your nose gently, rhythmically, without delay. Be sure that the classes at first aroused no feeling of fatigue, but only mild fatigue.

So, do the exercise.

Feet shoulder width apart, holding gymnastic stick.

1. Scroll back through the top of the stick, with the arms remain straight. The distance between the hand grip at the beginning of the implementation of the complex more. As the development of an exercise period of the hands should be reduced.

2. The distance between the arms is equal to the width of the shoulders. Hands with a stick until it stops get turned up, and the need to bend the spine for no more than 30 degrees.

3. Hands with a stick over his head. Perform a circular movement of the body, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, the deviation from the axis of no more than 30 degrees.

4. Hands with a stick over his head. Lift the leg to the side and lower it. Exercise is performed as a left or right foot.

5. Hold the stick over your head, take the leg back while doing the movement with a spring-loaded stick, bending of the spine. Exercise to perform both right and left foot.

All exercises should be repeated 8-10 times.

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