Overweight and sex are incompatible?

Overweight Research by American scientists has shown that overweight people are 25 times more likely to have problems in intimate sphere than their slender counterparts. And by problems in intimate sphere imply lack of sexual desire and attraction toward your partner, difficulties during the next due to overweight. Some fat people recognized that for these reasons, abstain from sex altogether.

In addition, sexologists claim that overweight women violated the sensitivity of the vagina, making them mane passionate and temperamental than the young ladies with a healthy weight.

For many obese women problems of overweight influenced by the same public sentiments are reduced to the dislike of his own body. Such a constrained supply of a fastidious, of course, prevent the emancipation of the bed, is an obstacle to full enjoyment of sexual intimacy with a partner. This inferiority complex and self-restraint in bed is fraught with analgesia or frigidity complete.

But if women are overweight leads to sexual problems through a psychological component, then the men are much more serious and should be considered at the hormonal level. The fact that the blood of the men released the full lot of estrogen. Globulin produced by the liver, binds the principal male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the sexual temperament. However, estrogen prevents this bundle, and eventually released only testosterone, but not saved. As a result, its concentration in the blood decreases, and sexual activity drops down to impotence.
Of course, to give a single recommendation for the treatment of obesity is absolutely full of all people is impossible. Sometimes the reasons for people being overweight scored too deep and cause serious disease or hormonal disorders. Here some dieting and exercise can not do, and need qualified counseling professionals. But for the most part still have to admit weakness of character a person suffering from obesity, but not being in his power to fight with his weakness. So people easily in all their intimate troubles blamed her fat body, and by taking a few timid attempts to remedy the situation, to leave everything as is. And in fact, it turns out that the reason for sexual problems – the inability to communicate started getting rid of extra pounds to the end.
So what is it for a certain diet, which tells a miraculous transformation of our body?

First, make it a rule to drink at least two liters of water daily. Drink water every time exacerbated the feeling of hunger. In the first days of fasting or diet it will help relieve discomfort.

Second, start your day with fresh fruit, you can not even get out of bed! It is better to give up the dried fruit, candied fruits. Remember also that the whole fruit is more useful than fruit juice because of the fiber content in the first place.

Third, do not be afraid to overeat at lunch. This is the only meal when taking copious meal will not harm your body. For breakfast you can not afford even a small dessert! Ideal for the “proper” breakfast cereal and whole grain bread, boiled egg, tofu, beans, dairy products, herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee. But with the eggs and hard cheeses strive not! However, as with the salt and sugar.

Fourth, do not limit yourself if you really want to eat lunch. Small snacks are not prohibited. It is better to meet the body a small amount of food several times a day than to overeat at the main meals. As intermediate light refreshments, you can choose tomato juice, yogurt, fresh vegetables or fruit, hot broth. The rule is to eat frequently but in small portions. Remember, too, about the importance of thorough mastication of food. Thus, you will feel full of flavor and make a step toward establishing normal digestion in your body.

Fifth, as the components of a perfect fit lunch salad of seasonal vegetables (no seasonings and fat!), Lean meats (lamb, beef and pork, fish or poultry is preferable), a baked potato. Be aware of the taboo on fried food! It is preferable to cook for a couple, boil or bake it.

Sixthly, it will contribute to getting rid of extra pounds if you can limit your dinner snack of fresh fruit.

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