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Morning exercise – The best and most effective form of exercise is to implement a 45-minute circuit around the body, three times a week. Where possible, we suggest you train in the morning when the body is full of energy. It is important to eat at least an hour before, to keep the energy level, and you’re always well hydrated. Water should be the first thing you eat in the morning, personal trainer specializing in Nutrition.

Master your anxiety – People who are just starting an activity, often wonder how much it take to show results.

“From 4 to 6 weeks start to notice the benefits. The body has had to adapt to stress that produces this new activity. After this adaptation to physical demand, but over time there was an increase in strength, hardness and the size of the muscles, said the trainer and specialist in body mechanics, Doug Splittgerber of your body online.

Be clear about your goals.Repeat daily routine without it clear what you will achieve will quickly lose motivation. Fit speakers you suggest, Write behind your business card and read it your goal 10 times a day to become aware of your goal. A team of psychologists found that the more awareness we have of the dreams and goals, and the more times a day we remember, the more possibilities we have to create those results you want.

They also refer to music as a means of maintaining motivation. Find a music with great rhythm and energy that lasts 30 minutes and listen only when you’re out walking. In this way, you will be prompted every time.Some people believe that exercise is one that produces effective pain or requiring extra effort, The exercise need not be vigorous. Are recommended 20-30 minutes of exercise generally three to five times a week.

You can ride a bike, swimming or other activity, but it is more practical to take a walk. As if a half step energetic. Thus, it improves cardiovascular function, which in turn increases metabolism and helps you lose weight. To make the exercise more effective, can be added to the routine up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator. With sets of 10 to 15 repetitions should be sufficient to bring about change, Sports Therapy Eastside Medical Center of Columbia University in New York.

Want to know how healthy is your diet?

You’ll get a printable report that will show you what graphics you change your diet, exercise and behavior to follow a healthy lifestyle and active.

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