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weight lose dietWeight lose Diet of milk and cottage cheese or milk diet is a diet that allows several kilos off quickly, while staying well fed. You can lose up to 1 kilo a day, regardless of who takes enter. Convoke skim milk or diet decorative.

All about vinyl is ideal for those who enjoy drinking a glass of milk simpers know that milk is a food rich in nutrients has a high calcium content and provides the body with vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin A, and other minerals and monomaniacs.

Unique exists a widespread belief that dairy fat, recent studies suggest otherwise, as it was shown that a relationship between dairy intake and weight loss. So, who include enough calcium in their diets; weigh less than non-milk diet haven. curd has several benefits: it helps to correct the problem of constipation, for the minerals it contains, prevents hypertension and reduces the risk colon cancer in those who consume three glasses of milk per day. The diet of milk and curd is not indicated in people with kidney problems, or those who suffer from lactose intolerance. A disadvantage is that it can be monotone. secret of the diet of milk and curd is to drink a liter and a half to three liters of milk per day, equivalent to 2,000 calories.

This contribution does not lose weight in normal conditions, but especially milk, is the fact that the calories in fat, and body, receiving no solid food not digested, but the burning and thus weight reduction achieved little pock. Diet should not extend more than seven days, as it could be dangerous to health. At the finish and recommends eating foods low in calories. A half liter to three liters of milk spread throughout the day. The milk should be whole or otherwise enriched with vitamins and minerals. You can add coffee or tea in moderation and sweeten with saccharine. Drink one to three liters of milk during the day. Often in this day to surface some side effects associated with the diet, such as bad breath. This will disappear on the third day of the regime.

To help, you can eat raw carrots, boiled chicken breast or some days do not eat milk, cheese or curd only. You can choose from one of the following options: 1 kilo of cheese throughout the day, 5 curds, or ½ kilo of cheese or cottage cheese and 3 cicadas. Substitute milk curd, and besides having the same amount of nutrients, less affected by the intestinal flora, helping to recover after the first two days of anyone. Unquiet curd and cheese are foods based on this day, sometimes served with apple and fresh pineapple. Are also allowed up to 100 grams of bread spread over three servings of just over 30 grams as Wednesday. You can also drink acidic fruit juices (orange, lemon) and vegetable stock provided that they are sneaking it and only drink liquid Breakfast: A orange juice, coffee or tea with milk (skim now) and toasted bread.

Morning Snack: An apple or a pear? Lunch: Mixed salad with a poached egg and a can of tuna well drained (this will help replenish the iron deficiency suffered during the previous four days).? Snack: An orange or three tangerines? Dinner: a vegetable broth, a fillet of grilled chicken and yogurt Breakfast: A orange juice, coffee or tea with skim milk and two graham crackers with margarine vegetable. Diet 100% milk and curd (II)? Morning Snack: An apple or 150 grams of strawberries. Food: Spinach or Swiss chard cooked with a drop of oil, filer of sole grilled and garnished with green salad (lettuce, endive). For dessert, a piece of fruit (anything but bananas).? Snack: Fruit salad with seasonal fresh squeezed orange juice. Dinner: Mashed carrot, a steak (150 grams) to the plate, and for dessert, yogurt decanted. DOMINGO? Breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee or tea with skim milk, sweetened with saccharin, and a toasted wheat bread.

Morning Snack: An apple or pear. Lunch: Salad and a small plate of rice or pasta with a side of vegetables. A fruit. Snack: Coffee or tea with skim milk with saccharin and one or two graham crackers. Dinner: vegetable soup, a slice of rye bread with 50 grams of cottage cheese and dessert, one or two from the eighth day kiwis. A can eat whatever you want but in moderation.

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