Metabolism as a foundation for choose a diet

MetabolismScientists and nutritionists have for years search for common pattern of food behavior and the human shape. In this area, developed a set of theory and hypothesis, but in the middle of last century, experts were able to establish this connection, which is based on parallels between the metabolism, eating habits, figure.

It turned out that it is possible to identify logical patterns between nutrition and general state of health. In accordance with the peculiarities of metabolism, all people can be divided into groups, which provide those interested in vegetarian diets, those who may feel good on the protein diet, as well as those who are in dire need of a balanced diet.

Good results in this study were able to make George Watson, is it owned by the biggest achievements in this field. Rudolf Wiley worked on the achievements of Watson and was able to identify the degree of influence of pH on the processes of human digestion of one or other food. On the basis of this theory was born famous throughout the world in the diet according to blood type. William Kelly went into the matters of individual metabolism even further and linked the processes of digestion with neurological constitutional rights and warehouse person.

Among the experts present, analyze this complex process, and eating habits, is to provide William Walcott, who created the book, which presents not only a detailed description of the metabolic types, but testing is aimed at identifying this type of a particular person without the help of a nutritionist. The scientist has identified three metabolic types: mixed, protein and carbohydrate.

Mixed type

The group took Walcott people with a balanced character and moderate oxidative processes. Due to the presence of the balance of these people do not have very big problems with being overweight, but they still have a penchant for sweets and starchy foods, which, however, does not allow them to forget about moderation. Since people in this group is inherent propensity to chronic fatigue in their diet should always dominate the carbohydrates, but their advantage should not be more than 10% relative to whites.

Type of protein

Specificity of human nutrition in this group lies in the very title of the diet, as the basis of the diet of these people have to be exactly the proteins, carbohydrates they consume is possible, but in small amounts in the diet should always be present fats. However, among the proteins is preferred by-products, as they represent the greatest benefit to the organism.

Type of carbohydrate

People of this type require special control diet, as these are the most prone to the accumulation of excess weight. At the same time they need to control not only the amount of protein in the diet, but also pay special attention to the fats, as they must be very small.

Thus, it is evident that the metabolism as a basis for choosing a diet – it is quite significant and important criterion that should always take into account. It is impossible to say that the principle objective and ideal, but the accounting recommendations of the experts who have studied the metabolism can be very useful and effective.

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