Lose weight with the exercise of the mirror loving

What are we willing to lose weight despite all this we know well, but is it true?
Today I want to test you, and I’ll do it seriously.
For announcement that if you really want to lose weight and you’re not only fooling yourself, you must commit yourself to doing this exercise.
It will not be easy, not least the first time, however, can become a valuable aid to your weight loss.
Why is it called mirror loving exercise?
Because it takes a mirror and it takes a lot of love.
The goal is to associate a subconscious level, our image, feelings of pleasure and love.

You commit to at least try?
Then, naked in front of a mirror … oops
Maybe I left in the fourth?
I sped up too much time?
Ok let’s start ….
In front of a mirror …, dressed so as not to hide your forms (Do not coat with goose feathers), close your eyes and think for a moment of your life when you receive a compliment, a sincere compliment, that I was pleased to receive, especially if it is to let you have a person as he may consider.
Think back to that moment and feel all the sensations of that time, amplification at most, feels joy, if you see a smile on your face means you’re on the right track.
At the culmination of these feelings, open your eyes and look associating these feelings to your reflection.
Block this moment as if it was taken a photo and imagine that you keep this picture in your heart.
Now his eyes close again, search your heart and found this picture (the picture), look with loving eyes, clasp her to his breast, a kiss, do you feel about yourself because you know love to try, then opened his eyes and looked again.
Do not judge you in any way, enjoy the good feelings that you felt while you continue to try and look.
If you have accepted the commitment I ask you to try this exercise at least once a day (but that is not done so much to do, put love) for a whole week.
Then the next week checking if you had fewer bouts of emotional eating, Garrison less, eat less compulsive, and especially if you will help her lose weight .

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