Lose weight starting from the head

If you have to lose weight … but how did you know it? Many people realize they need to lose weight, looking at his legs, others watching the belly, some people looking at            the     ankles. But where to begin on weight?

It is in my head, thoughts, habits and what you can and can not believe that spring the extra pounds … Try to think, if your head were taken in a spring that, to make you believe that running marathons is the only reason for your life, now would you overweight? Certainly not, on the contrary there is something that binds you to your overweight.
Think about this: Being overweight is a cause or an effect?

And if an effect of our minds because we continue to want to treat overweight and not the actual cause that is our mind?
The current modern medicine does the same, if you have a headache, no doctor will prescribe something to cure what caused the headache, rather than give you a drug that turns off the alarm.
Your body tells you that there is a problem and does so with a simple headache and what do we do?
We turn off the light regardless of the cause.

When you start a diet, cure the cause or effect?

Do you know why 97% of people who have a diet soon after shooting the lost pounds?

For the same reason that those who have a headache and takes pain medication will have a headache the next day, that took care of the effect and not the cause of the disease.

Losing weight is easy, change the mindset has not.

One of the most common habits is eating for emotional reasons, often do people who are obese or overweight and normal weight people very rarely, so I think it’s a good starting point.

If you eat, not only hunger but also sadness, loneliness, boredom, apathy, stress, anger, fear, etc. .., then this topic is important for you.

Because over time has developed this habit?

Simply because the mind has created a link between the food and the overcoming of a negative emotional state.

I’ll give you a classic example, are bored on the couch, watching TV, take a can of ice cream and I do it out of boredom and pass the mind relates Gelato Noia, if this is the case for tens or hundreds of times in my Life here is a small path becomes a modern highway and it is beautiful that automatically creates a habit.

As soon as I’m bored as a spring snaps the solution in my head: “The food solves the problem,” entrance to the highway and ran smoothly and solve (temporarily) the problem.

Of course the consequence of that will be overweight and all the troubles associated with it.

How do you fix and change course? Stop taking the highway and trace new paths …

Now you understand how your mind works? If you are bored and need ice cream, it’s your choice?

No it’s just an automatism of your mind, not freedom.

How you can be free, choosing a way to fight boredom, more useful than the food, healthier food, the food just as effective?

If you convince your mind that reading a joke in a book (or whatever) is equally useful to get an ice cream to overcome boredom here is drawing a new path, do the same thing a hundred times to the hundredth and boring situation will automatically open the book rather than opening the fridge.

Of course it is an example, but this is the mechanism to use!

If you belong to the category of it’s too hard to do (to which I belong), then to plow the path can only imagine.

You got it right to lose weight you have to imagine for a walk instead of eating.

It sounds simple and obvious, and instead is a powerful method that works.

The mind does not distinguish between situations experienced and situations vividly imagine, then vividly imagine it will be equivalent to doing those actions.

Walk into a green lawn, barefoot, feel the wind in your hair, the touch of your feet on the grass, the sound of wind in the branches, watching the beautiful scenery in front of you, you feel like walking and breathing and relax boredom magically disappears.

This is imagination vividly in your mind the equation to solve boredom and walking will be true and you will be relaxed after having imagined / a, and if you repeat the year then often become so real that sooner or later feel the need to really step out a walk to relax.

That day you will have built the highway to your weight loss……..

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