Lose Weight on the basis of the type of figure

figureIf your body type – apple, then you probably do not have nearly the waist, but there is a noticeable belly. Women-apples to start the day with cereal and fresh fruit. They should reduce the consumption of animal fats, especially those contained in the baking. For women-apple helpful soy products, fish, walnuts – all this is also good protection against cardiovascular disease.
Making the waist
A. A necessary condition to maintain some sort of waist at the apple – a healthy diet. In the body should do an equal amount of roughage and water. Preferably, the liquid you consume during the day, fell on the grass or fruit tea .

Two. Tea for detoxification: chop a piece of ginger root the size of a thumb nail. Squeeze juice from lemon. Pour hot water juice iizmelchenny ginger root, add a little pepper to taste.

Three. Training muscles abdominals stimulates the burning of fat in the waist area. Starting position- Lying on your back, legs bent, hands – on the back of the head, elbows apart. Your upper body slowly lift and lower, but do not go! Repeat 15 times.
There are many other exercises that you can find in our magazine.

Pears is easy to gain weight, so they need to be vigilant with regard to calorie dishes. Beware of foods rich in starch. Pear is not recommended to get involved in the juices, which do not give a sense of saturation, but contain large amounts of sugar. It is better to replace the juice from the fruit alive packet.

Deceive your stomach demanding low-calorie soups.

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