Lose Weight in a dream

Lose WeightThe morning the body produces growth hormone, which makes extensive use of fat for their needs, through which you can lose up to 500 grams of weight over night.

Fantastic results can become a reality if: dinner for 5 hours before bedtime to avoid overloading the gastropod-intestinal tract work the night shift, before going to bed to limit the amount of fluid consumed, per day to receive a certain amount of physical activity, sleep soundly and sufficiently long.

All the nuances of the possibility of weight loss during sleep considered in his book “We sleep, and grow thin” German dietitian Detlef Pape. As a result, he turned an orderly system, adhering to the principles of the cornerstones of which can be quite possible to lose weight during sleep. But the fabulous results from the first day no promises. The body needs to get used to debug the hormones, and only weight loss in a dream will become a stable and real. Depending on the individual, adapting to the system takes up to three months. Detlef Pape system includes three elements: a balanced diet, moderate exercise, healthy sleep. And each element is equally important to the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

Detlef Pappe has practiced a kind of separate power supply, which does not restrict the use of all necessary components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins) and gets rid of excess weight. Detlef Pape technique is called “insulin diet”, because the control of insulin in the body by means of used products. You can not eat protein and carbohydrates, because it provokes a combination of insulin, which prevents fat burning night. Before going to bed to eat only the whites are used. However, carbohydrates, and its power supply system has a place – its breakfast.

The power supply system Detlef Pappe is closely linked to biological clock digestion and activation of different hormones at certain times of day. In the morning, around 17:00, the body actively uses energy. At this time, fats and carbohydrates, even desirable. They have time to spend with active lifestyles. In the evening, close to sleep, the body begins to store energy. After all, revenue from outside the calories are not expected for at least 6-8 hours. So, better to give preference to those products that contain fiber and protein. They cause a feeling of satiety, without transforming into fat. At dusk, around 21:00, stop eating better. Stored energy is more than enough for the body until morning.

Meals offered free meals; snacks between meals are not welcome. Be sure to need breaks in between meals (about 5:00) so that the pancreas has calmed down, stopped and insulin intensively produced. Between dinner and breakfast break should be double, about 10 hours. Between sleep and dinner should take about two hours to digest food is managed. Do not skip breakfast or lunch, including dinner. Breaking three meals a day, you are giving the body a signal, “added food unstable, the energy may not be enough, immediately stored in fat!”. It is from this and there are regular weight gains, from which we then try to get rid of.

Eat breakfast:-It will come in handy for breakfast carbohydrates – they give a powerful boost of energy, so necessary in the early days. Muesli, biscuits, honey or jam, jam, butter, coffee with a little cream. You can add anything from vegetables or fruit – vitamins does not hurt. But the protein at breakfast is best to avoid (meaning fried eggs, sausage sandwiches, sausages, cheese, and cheese).

Lunch period lasts from 11:00 until 14:30; lunch time depends on how much you have breakfast. Lunch – a peak of insulin activity. What we ate for lunch, stimulate the activity of the pancreas, and fat burning begins. Meals are “mixing” and carbohydrates, and proteins, and fats. You can eat, for example, meat with vegetables and salad. And even afford dessert.

Dinner:- a key to weight loss in a dream. At night we do not need the energy, so flatly refuse from carbohydrates. It is best to focus on proteins, and to saturate the added fiber, such as cook vegetable soup or salad, lean meat or fish with boiled vegetables, unsweetened yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese. Cook without adding more oil: bake; boil for a couple on the coals in the microwave. In general, the dinner does not imply any excess calories.

A power system is not limited, to great effect to add regular exercise. Moreover, the level of physical activity should be dosed according to body’s biological rhythms. It should be combined endurance exercise and training to strengthen muscles that will accelerate the process of burning fat.

In the morning, at least half an hour, should be paid to physical training – jogging or cycling race will be very helpful. Better do it before breakfast to continue the process of losing weight overnight. It is not necessary to do the exercises every day, but we need at least three times a week.

During the day we can restrict physical activity of daily life – walk more, stop elevators, during a sitting of the need to allocate time for a small production exercises.

In the evening, before dinner is better, is to do strength training. This can be an exercise with dumbbells or expanders, or gym. The main thing here – regularity, because the power load is required at least two days a week.

Before going to bed after dinner, it is useful to get some fresh air, take a walk, albeit short-lived. If we combine a walk with breathing exercises, then your weight loss will be even more effective. A leisurely walking stimulates digestion, and proper breathing will help to better absorption of oxygen and burning calories. Breathe deeply and hold your breath and then exhale to complete emptying of the lungs. You can even combine breathing with auto-suggestion – imagine how, during expiration, together with the carbon dioxide leaving the excess calories, and the breath with the oxygen the body is filled with health and harmony.

After the walk go to bed. This is the most important element of the system to lose weight. It turns out that sleep should be right! Rather, in order to lose weight, you need to sleep. Hormones in the human body is subject to the rhythm of the biological clock. And from a lack of sleep is disturbed hormone balance. The main hormones overnight losing weight – leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is an appetite, but it reduces leptin. When a person is not getting enough sleep, the body is lowered leptin and ghrelin is more. And accordingly, I want to eat, but all of the saturation does not occur. So we come to overeating and overweight. Yes, yes! We arrive at themselves. Because we are saving for a dream, to have time to redo things, watching a movie, finish reading the book.

Sleep should be not less than 7:00. But this average figure, depending on the individual: some eight hours, and little, someone poured out in five. Need to find out for yourself how much time is needed to fully relax and sleep, and make it a rule – get up and go to bed always at the same time. If you get up for work at 7:00, then at the weekend to get up at 7:00. Any disruptions body perceives as stress, and reacts accordingly.

By the way, you can try to define their own natural biological rhythm as follows: Note the time you wake up by themselves, without an alarm clock and feel refreshed and full of energy. This began a period of activity lasts no more than 4 hours, alternating with periods of rest (about 2 hours). You can count the hours you’re at the peak of activity, and when you’re better off to rest. Sports activities to better plan for the period of activity, and go to bed – with the onset of dormancy. Absorb this time easier, sleep, stronger and healthier.

Lying down under a favorite blanket, think of something pleasant. For example, how do you lose weight during sleep, because you tried to do all day. And now you can just relax and dream. Browse through mentally passing day, praise themselves for resistance, for persistence, for all-all. And when you start to sink into slumber, tell your body to lose weight. This order is dissolved in the subconscious, is converted into a pulse from the brain to the body, and you will lose weight simply and easily.

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