Light diet to lose weight

dietDiet ideal for those who do not have much free time of day and who wish to lose weight without having to make complicated meals or carrying too much preparation.

The duration of the diet can stretch to six days, although it is suggested do it in a period of three to five days.

It can download up to four kilos on this diet.

For every day

– A toast with jam light bran or spreadable cheese.
– Sweetened infusion (tea or coffee) or a low-fat yogurt.

– A cereal bar, an apple or three oatmeal cookies.

– Yogurt, skim with cereal or fruit bits.

Choose from:
– Peaches plus infusion syrup.
– Infusion with three servings of sweetener and corn crackers.
– A piece of cake over a cup of cappuccino diet.
– Dietary gelatin or custard.

Day 1
– A slice of pink grapefruit or melon.
– Two pieces of pie or vegetable patties.
– Vegetable broth.
– A small portion of beef salad with carrot and tomato.
– A bunch of grapes.

Day 2
– One serving of spinach pie and a cup of pumpkin soup.
– Dessert diet.
– A baked potato.
– A portion of breaded soy dietary cheese and broccoli salad.
– An orange or a peach half the syrup.

Day 3
– A tangerine.
– A sandwich bread with grilled tuna or chicken, tomato, lettuce and mayo diet.
– A cup of soup of chickpeas, lentils or peas.
– A vegetable cannelloni.
– Ice cream or ice water diet.

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