Juicing for weight loss

diet juiceDrinking juice for weight loss has become fashionable to try to shed those extra kilos by eating fruit and vegetables. The combination of different fruits and vegetables is critical because some contain nutrients, others are citrus and some are essential to recover the minerals that the body contains.

This therapy has become fashionable especially actresses, that through this kind of juice lose kilos and this therapy has become a favorite of many people.

In order to perform properly the fruit smoothie, it must be fruits like bananas blended in the first instance, then start adding other fruits or vegetables that are softer and this blending is perfect. It is important to obtain a natural flavor, ie without sugars that may impair the properties of the juice.

Grapefruit Juice: This juice is one of the most common, we recommend eating it in the morning, it takes at least 3 well-squeezed grapefruit, then blend with cactus, this is a perfect fat burning. No need to add sugar and change a little taste, you can place alfalfa. The minimum is 300 milliliters to ingest a maximum of 600 milliliters.

Tomato juice: This juice besides being a great source of potassium, has also been proven to help combat obesity and with this, start decreasing sizes. 4 tomatoes with the juice can be done, and can be combined with lemon and salt, some people do it with sugar, but it takes many properties.

Orange Juice with Carrot: In addition to various sources of minerals, is also ideal to help reduce hunger, for all its components. Only be used 3 oranges and 2 carrots well blended.

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