How to obtain an optimal level of healthy fats

Diet fatsA pair of tablespoons of oil in the Omega 6 family, 3, or otherwise, two tablespoons of seeds (sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin, flax) molds. Come crushed or fish (salmon, trout, sardines, herring, mackerel, etc.) three times a week.

Vegetarians can increase consumption of oil and flax seeds, but also must ensure follow the next step of adapting them to their vegetarian diet. Learn all about the vinyl decorative. Come a varied diet rich in vegetables, fruits, vegetables, grains and soy products, mainly (besides those already mentioned nuts, seeds and fish) that you supply the nutrients necessary cofactors propagandists.

The production of cases that have symptoms related to deficiencies of omega 6 and 3, it is advisable to also nutritional supplements Extra beads evening primrose oil or borate beads together with fish oil or flax, as well vitamins B6, B3, C, A, biotin and the minerals zinc, calcium and magnesia. Saturate that polyunsaturated oils are pressed mechanically to buy at low temperature, they are biological, and are stored in opaque glass bottles or other packaging to protect them from light.

Buy them in shops where the seller / to know how to manipulate (for example, it is essential that you never put in the windows of the store out of the sun or under bright lights). Use these oils ALWAYS raw, in salads, soups and cooked food once served on the plate. Keep them in the nuts and seeds never. must meet requirements similar to oils: when you can buy them in shell (they will be more protected from light, temperature and oxygen). If you buy bare, make sure they are fresh (never eat these foods if you know rancid) and consume them without toasting.

Keep them in never. Evita consumption of saturated fats found in red meat, dairy products, pastries, sausage etc., hydrogenated fats like margarine, and cook meals fritters. Candor always use extra virgin olive oil. Always cook at low temperatures and if you use the pan, put food first and then the oil. This technique prevents oil oxidation. On the other hand, cooks traditional Chinese cuisine put water on the “wok” (a pan oval) before cooking, since water has a low temperature of 100 ° C, not as damaging to the oil and food. Avoid sugars, pasta, white rice and other starchy refinances.

Existed great confusion about fats. There margarine makers convinced that is healthy, others avoided nuts because they think that fat, and many others, eliminate the consumption of all types of fat and oils, and instead, continue to eat refined carbohydrates, not knowing that they can be the cause of a high triglyceride … Remember, the proper use of fats can give you health. It’s only a matter of knowing how to use.

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