How to lose weight … guaranteed weight loss of the 5 steps

In the past these 5 steps to lose weight we have already spoken, but the repetition helps and the subject is sensitive.
To date the vast majority of those who want to lose weight does not comply with these rules so basic but so effective.
There are 5 simple habits and formidable, that’s why you call the Ninja list quickly …

  • Make a hearty breakfast
  • Whole grains to meals
  • Few animal protein
  • Olive oil and raw nuts
  • Walk every day

Follow all 5 of these habits? Congratulations I am sure then that you are a person of normal weight and healthy.

If you would like a few extra pounds to lose or do not enjoy good health, I can bet you’re neglecting one or more of these habits.

In this article I will not do a scientific treatise explaining what the reason for these rules and what cellular and metabolic makes them infallible habits to lose weight, I’ll just svelarti the main benefits of each habit.

I am sure that in future we will touch this button over and over again, what I would say is that they understand the validity and beginning to apply them can seriously change your life, the times when a personal weight loss coach I was able to acquire these habits, the results were exciting.

Abundant because you eat after a fast, on average, 7/8 hours, one third of the day, to understand a breakfast should be equivalent to a lunch, we will face a workday, or studio, or housework, whatever your activities leave the house without breakfast, or a bad breakfast is equal to leave the house with the car in reserve to cover several hundred kilometers.

The quality of the food you eat is important, would you put bad fuel in your car?

the answer is no, because you put bad fuel in your body?

The quality of yours is in close relation to the quality of your diet.

What to eat for breakfast? A good meal could be a hot soup and enough liquid, your body will thank you, you may warm up the milk, colored with barley (no sugar and no coffee) and then put inside of the flaked grains (especially oats) of corn Whole-flakes, whole bran sticks, dried fruit like apricots or plums.

For those who do not eat cow’s milk alternatives are soy milk, oats, rice, wishing that we could add the dried fruit (2/3 chopped walnuts or peanuts)

You may have noticed that some of the breakfast that I have complied with this proposed rule, whole grains help explode your metabolism, reduce fat absorption, in short, are the key to losing weight, are complex sugars, releasing energy a gradual but steady, in contrast to refined grains (white bread, white pasta, bakery products, refined flour) that provide energy in large quantities, but in a short time and that contribute to weight gain.

Eating whole and have more energy, less hunger, doing things with more speed and thus burn more calories doing the same actions every day. Few words should be spent on cereal grains, absolutely the most neglected, often find that even people over fifty in their lifetime they never ate a single cereal in its original form, ie the grain.

The grain contains the bran cereal, fiber, oils, vitamins and minerals that are lost during refining and processing, not enough then go to pasta and bread, we introduce in our feeding of cereal grains (whole) such as quinoa, millet, barley, oats, wheat, buckwheat, Kamut wheat, barley, etc..

Eat a serving of cereal in each of the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Translated little meat, because even if the body’s proteins are brick, the brick we eat should be the building blocks that we need. It is currently in use in the habit of eating meat at every meal, animal proteins are always accompanied in animal fats, which are harmful to the body (such as cholesterol), poisoners to substance (such as uric acid), also excess protein to be disposed of labor in our internal organs and produce harmful waste toxin.

That’s why it’s important to eat only those strictly necessary to restore damaged tissues and to create new cells.

If you will adopt the habit of whole grains, you should know that they bring in with a good vegetable protein and can therefore reduce those animals, the human needs of meat does not exceed the single daily serving (80g for women and 100g for men) , for meat and I also mean the meats, fish, canned meat, eggs, etc.

What’s better than a nice salad condition? EVERYTHING, even the lard! The ‘extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest food and useful to your body that may exist. Down with the demonetization of fat, fatty acids and are, in the previous paragraph I mentioned the dangers of data from animal fats, but how This does not apply to oil and nuts.

Of course the calories from 100g of nuts exceed 600 kcal and olive oil has 900 calories, but our needs are clearly insignificant, about 20g of olive oil and 30g of nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews , etc.).

Many vitamins are similar only in the presence of fat, which is why eating a salad generalissimo condition also the satiating power of fats is huge, remove them may result in increased hunger and often calories, eating 10g (already clean) fruit dry before a meal can greatly reduce and appetite.

The reasons are many, stimulates metabolism, enabling the body to relax and release of endorphins (hormones of humor), helps to expel toxins and the regional body detoxifies, enhances fertility, keeps a healthy cardiovascular system, helps the firming of fatty areas, plays an essential role in losing weight, you want to continue?

It takes 10 minutes a day for a walk briskly efficient, 20 minutes, slow running and continues for the more adventurous.

At this point I have put in hand the right tools to take control of your life, your health and your health, what will you do?

Try for at least 10 days to follow these rules, if you can extend to 30 days, then you may revert to old habits, but I highly doubt that you know to give vitality and health you get.

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