How to lose weight after charitable birth

After child birth momSubsequent to birth, most moms are wondering how to lose weight after charitable birth, to return to preceding form. However, it is not easy, because concern about the kid did not have time to hike or to a sports club or swimming pool or on the charge. So many young moms are not only getting rid of extra pounds after charitable birth; but on the contrary, they gain in the first year of life.

The problem of how to lose weight after giving birth is one of the most important for women. There are six of safe, simple and fairly original ways to solve this problem.

Children’s daily routine
The most common mistake among young mothers is the wrong schedule. When the baby is not sleeping, they practically do not think of themselves, fully engaging them. And when the baby falls asleep, immediately go to the kitchen and gorge on the future, and it is harmful. You do not need to subject the body to stress by refusing to lunch – in this case he tries to make the stock in the form of fat. Improper diet leads not only to overweight, but and a constant of fatigue. It is better to eat more often with your child – at least four or five times a day in small portions. Ten minutes for a snack you can find the time, even if the baby is very restless. And it is very important to make yourself not to eat the child, even if the products are sorry to throw.

According to nutritionists, women, nursing her baby, much faster than restoring the old form. The fact is that breastfeeding accelerates the contraction of the uterus and its return to the prenatal state. But some moms on the contrary, during feeding fattening, and it is connected with the fact that they consume dairy products in large quantities, choosing those that are fatter. They believe that this would be better than breast milk, but in reality it is not – should not be eating for two, but the food at the same time to be useful and rich in vitamins, because the baby needs nutrients, not calories.

Breast feeding moms often wonder marked increase of appetite. This is not surprising, since both nature intended – the baby should receive breast milk all the necessary material, so the feeling of hunger will ensure that large amounts of food will give your child everything you need. However, this is does not mean at, that the need a lot of there are, it is important, order to the food was a healthy and of qualitative. Breast feeding even more energy than during pregnancy – a woman’s body during this period should be five hundred calories more than usual. But in any case can not starve or go on a diet. Need to consume enough calories, drink more fluids and refuse products which do not produce enough minerals, vitamins and proteins. It is desirable to have a little and often, and to not feel hungry at night, before bedtime can drink a cup of yogurt or milk.

After birth, do not have to immediately go on a diet, because it is useless to the same nursing mother requires good nutrition. It is only necessary to closely monitor what you eat. Food should be tasty, varied and useful. Deliveries are a lot of stress to the body, so it lacks calcium, iron and protein, both animal and vegetable, which have to be in your diet. A large amount of calcium found in fish and dairy products. The proteins found in beans, soybeans, nuts, poultry, fish, meat.

Iron body loses during severe postpartum hemorrhage, and with a shortage of iron is almost impossible to lose weight because it helps produce an enzyme that helps burn fat. Therefore, we must have daily iron-rich foods – lean meat, eggs, liver, seafood, nuts, legumes, whole-grain bread.

Often young mothers are lazy, and replace the walk exits to the balcony, and this is one of the most common cause of colds in children. Walking with a stroller is better seen as another opportunity to benefit from the figure, and not as a regular duty. It is advisable to walk with the baby twice a day for two to three hours. In just one hour of brisk walking burns as many calories as three hours of classes at the gym, so the benefits of walking with a stroller is obvious. Start the morning you can walk, keeping a good pace while walking. Dialed pounds will go unnoticed, but more importantly, not to hurry, because for three days, it is impossible to lose that accumulated in the first nine months.

Charging for Two
One of the first causes of obesity is the lack of physical activity. Even if we reduce the number of calories to a minimum, and it does not move, will gain weight, because fat is consumed only when the working muscles. And if you lie on the couch, on the sides of each piece will be delayed. Of course, the child is unlikely to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but still doing homework and studying with your child, you should try to load all the muscle groups.

Not a bad gym – wearing a baby in the kangaroo. This is a improves posture, strengthens the muscles of the prelude abdominal and backs. Wearing your baby in turn provides a front or rear load on different muscle groups. And as a little child is gaining weight, the load on the muscles increases gradually rather than abruptly.

With the exercises you should be careful – you can not overwork a young mom, and some of the exercises in this period may even be dangerous, especially if it was C-section. After it is impossible to carry and lift heavy objects, in addition, to avoid any action in which the animals have to strain.

Under natural childbirth light exercise can be done in a week. This is a may be articulation, walking, stretching exercises, the slow the slopes of. Help to lose weight and the baby – it needs to go more often, holding him in my arms – it is excellent trains the muscles, and the load will gradually increase as the baby is gaining weight.

Mental attitude
Psychological factor also has a of great importance. After childbirth, many women may have depression, tearfulness, mood swings, and in such moments, it sometimes seems that the mood can lift only something sweet. Faced with serious psychological problems, women often resort to eating. In fact, it is easier to not be, because once you’ve finished chewing, comes a feeling of remorse. It is unlikely that chocolate can beat stress, so you can at least try to replace it with an apple or a pear – it can not only elevate mood and improve our health.

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