How much fat should i eat?

much fat eatWeight lose diets of the United States of America over 37% of total calories consumed in the form of fatty foods. A diet that helps reduce the risk of heart disease should contain no more than 30% of calories from fatty foods. Consumption of 25% or less of fat can be even more beneficial for adults, although low-fat diets that are usually not recommended for children.

You really do mean no more than 30% of the calories in fat? For most men this is equivalent to a daily intake of 55 to 66 grams of fat, for most women to a daily consumption of 40 to 50 grams of fat.

The highest amount to be used only by people who lead a busy life, and the lowest amount to be used by people with sedentary lifestyles or those who are trying to reduce weight.

A low fat diet is based primarily on dried legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and if desired fat dairy products.

The list on the next page shows the fat content of various foods consumed by vegetarians. Read labels to know the amount of fat in the products you want to buy.

Enter for a week or two the amount of fat you consume daily. Need to change your eating habits?

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