Herbal weight loss diet

DietThe drugs were present only grass. In the courtyard of the twenty first century, the age of advertising, where every leaf on every page of the magazine and even the books we assert that to be complete – not good, need to lose weight. Since ancient times our ancestors had no idea that such a diet. It has not been used ever since it was believed that a healthy body – healthy mind. People lived by the laws of nature, held positions, and no diet they were not needed.

Thus, even not very full, and people will find the weaknesses and wants to lose weight, because the ad knows his business. He begins to use a different program for weight loss, try a variety of diets, and, eventually, the patient becomes the doctor.

Here to help name the chemistry that does not heal, and cripples … But this topic is for another article! And now, before the holidays, you need to freshen up and lose a few extra pounds in a healthy way.

This paper describes a method of weight loss using herbs.

For herbal diet should:
– Lime-blossom (1 packet);
– Mistletoe (1 packet);
– Natural honey (from the apiary);
– Sauerkraut juice, lemon or cucumber pickle (half cup).

Thanks to herbal diet can lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days.

Day 1
Erants take 2 tbsp. tablespoons lime color, fill a thermos liter of boiling water. Drink this beverage should be throughout the day, as soon as thirsty. In addition to this drink can not drink anything. You can eat what you want but in moderation. If you liters of fluid a day is not enough, you can increase the rate of two times.

Day 2
Boil in the same way the mistletoe (2 tbsp. Spoons). Mistletoe helps cleanse the body from decay products, and it is considered an excellent lipid solvents. It is worth noting that if you drink brewed mistletoe, the feeling of hunger blunted, a feeling that you are satisfied, therefore, the appetite is suppressed.

Day 3
Now you need to brew a thermos and lime, and mistletoe (in 2 tbsp. Spoons). Drink throughout the day.

Day 4
Also, mix the two grasses. Add natural honey. Per liter of beverage you want to add 3 tbsp. spoons of honey.

Day 5
By the lime tree, mistletoe, and honey, add the juice of one lemon (before, in Russia, used the juice of sour cabbage or cucumber pickle, about pollutant because of the lemon did not know).

Note that this way you can lose 5 pounds in 5 days, while life and power is almost unchanged.

For comments, we went to a doctor-endocrinologist Catherine Sokarevoy:
– I am well imagine using this recipe, and the data it is very convincing. However, with extreme caution in the use of herbal tea should be taken to those who have problems function of kidney and heart, because they have fluid intake in order to avoid complications, should be limited. At the very least, the effect of mistletoe as an active assistant in weight loss, has long been known.

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