Healthy fats in the diet

Healthy fats Healthy fats belong to unsaturated fats and are found in plant foods as elasticated virgin olive oil, nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and avocado. Among the unsaturated fats are polyunsaturated fats found elasticated Carolan, nuts or fish.

Azulen form of consume regular omega 3 and is essential for improving cholesterol blood levels or improve heart rate, among other beneficence. Segue having fun with games of the previous Simpson.Las fats should be to get food, instead of saturated fats are more harmful and are found in meat, poultry with skin, seafood and dairy products, such as whole milk, fatty cheeses, ice cream or yogurt.

A healthy diet should contain little fat and sugar, so it is advisable to eat special foods such as skim milk, olive oil, grape seed or Carolyn oil and margarine low in trans fats. Food is not advisable to say? Low fat? or that they say that lower cholesterol or triglycerides, is more advisable to reduce cholesterol and keep it off with a healthy diet, helps reinforce the defenses.Sin doubt you will enjoy the most fabulous games.

Motors Cada day nutrition is more important personalized, about their living conditions and genetic bad habits, snuff and stress, a diet rich cholesterol physical inactivity are major causes of cardiovascular death.

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