Healthy Eating And Natural

Healthy EatingThe Japanese philosopher Georges Ohsawa and physician early last century, looking for a longer life and better in people who follow their dietary guidelines.

The diet is divided into 10 stages or sub-diets. In each of them are eliminated progressively more yin foods (refined sugar, coffee, canned meat, alcoholic beverages, milk …), while increasing the presence of yang (grains, seaweed, vegetables, fruit .)

In the last phase adheres feed almost exclusively on cereals. The basic principles of the diet are:
1. Natural and healthy diet which does not include industrial products, dyes, or preservatives. The food must come from organic farming in which unused fertilizers or manures.
2. Seaweed is highlight.
3. Whole grains: corn, rice, soybeans, miso, barley … and the vegetables (except potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants) are the basis of the diet.
4. Water consumption is limited. The coffee is eliminated and replaced by Chinese and Japanese tea
5. The cooking style is also important. Food is taken boiled or cooked with vegetable oil, preferably in clay pots or iron. At the time of season, you use only sea salt.
6. White fish, poultry and lean meats may be included depending on the needs of each person (any diet should always be customized) but always with the idea of going to reduce consumption.
7. When eating is important to chew slowly at least 50 times each mouthful.

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