German – 7 week diet

weekly dietA diet is appropriate only to those who have the will power, because the name itself – the German 7 week diet – says that it will adhere to for seven weeks. However, its efficacy is worth it – if you implement all the recommendation, the result will not take long. How many pounds can be reset during this time is straight determined by body mass index – the farther it is from the ideal, the more you may end up losing.

Before we go on a diet, it is advisable to check whether the plan is not for the period of any party, holiday or birthday, because it involves copious meal and alcoholic beverages are prohibited by diet. In the alcohol contains many calories, it improves the appetite, and this during a diet to anything.

Each week will have to have as many grapefruits and oranges, so this diet is contraindicated in those who are allergic to citrus. If you have problems with digestion, before starting the diet should consult a physician.

The first week. The first day will have nothing to eat, to drink as soon as possible up to five liters of water. In the other six days you can eat as usual, only limiting the consumption of sweet and starchy foods and to include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables, and green tea.

The Second week. Again, the first day of drinking only water, and the second day you can have only up to two kilograms of oranges or grapefruits. The remaining five days should be eating normally.

The third week. On the first day back water, in the second – up to two kilograms of citrus fruit in the third – up to two pounds of apples. On other days you can eat as usual.

The fourth week. The first three days should eat the same way as in the first three days of the third week. On the fourth day, you can only drink the juice from freshly any vegetables or fruits, except bananas. If you have problems with cooking juices, it can be very simple – tomato, or, in extreme cases, to cook stewed without sugar. In the remaining three days of food as usual.

The fifth week. Four days should be supplied by the fourth week, on the fifth day you can drink just one percent low-fat yogurt, and in the remaining days – again a normal diet.

The sixth week. Meals in the first five days is the same as in the fifth week. On the sixth day you can consume up to pounds of cooked pumpkin or pineapple, and the last day to eat as usual. It is desirable that the diet was balanced, with plenty of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as last week is entirely composed of mono diets, but they are not able to provide the body with all useful substances.

The seventh week. From first to sixth day of the diet the same as in the sixth week, and on the last day going to have to drink five liters of water.

All the while continuing a 7 week German diet, you need to carefully take care of the skin, nails and hair. The time fly by, as long as she does not diet has become a main occupation, or the probability of failure. Over the weekend, better go somewhere else, otherwise the food in the normal mode can turn into a glutton. We should not stand on the scales every day – in the first week of rapid weight loss should not be. It is best to weigh seven weeks, then the result will probably be fine. If 7 weeks – too long a period – you can use tips on nutrition simplified German weekly diet .

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