Formative years and loveliness without surgical treatment

Lose Weight FastVisual drug and all your research improve the excellence of the skin and makes us look young and beautiful without resorting to surgical treatment
• Body treatments: massage, appliances, mud wraps, bandages, wine, chocolate
• Facials: caviar, vitamin c, herbal, lymphatic drainage and plastic masks
• Infiltration of fine lines with hyaluronic acid

• Russian Threads
• Implantation of placenta
• Transfer platelet
• Regeneration cellular aging
• Volume of lips
• Permanent Eyeliner
• Natural Hair Extensions
• Relaxing Massage
• Correction nose job without surgery

Physician and surgeon from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, aesthetic medicine specialist and an active member of the National Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Pathology. It has a course of non-surgical facelift for face and neck and facial infiltration during the filling material in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It also has a course of anti-aging therapy and a course of mesotherapy in Mexico City. Also has a course of antioxidant therapies in Havana, Cuba.

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I can see how beautiful young without surgery?
Fortunately, there is cosmetic medicine and all your research improves the quality of the skin, makes us look younger without surgery, using techniques such as infiltration of products, Russian threads to sagging facial implants placenta.

What technology used in his clinic to remove skin blemishes?
Recently, pulsed light, other than cabin treatments with skin lightening products, which consist of applying light rays onto the stain to despigmentarla gradually, as it burns melanin. Are sequential and each patient is assessed to see how many sessions you need and how long we can see the result.
Is there an alternative to disappear or diminish frown lines?
Yes, one option is the infiltration or introduction of a product that eventually stimulates production of collagen and elastin. The frown lines are a feature of angry, but improved a lot and are two sessions. The product may be hyaluronic acid with great results.

What is the difference between wrinkles and expression lines?
Expression lines are when we gesture of anger, laughter or cry and marked some areas. But when you do not act and there are no lines, they are wrinkles. On this depends decide infiltrate or not a product. When wrinkles, they have to fill it. When expression line, botulinum toxin is applied so that the lines are not noticed.

Any alternative to reduce jowls, other than surgery?
When we speak of double chin fat is present. Mesotherapy involves applying various products so that the fat in that area will disappear.

Facial treatments include the mobilization of the fat to go slowly eliminated by natural means. You can also inject a product into the area, so that the fat cell to break and remove the fat. If we talk about sagging jowls and fat, we can put this thread to tighten skin Brazilians. The diagnosis is most important to know what your skin needs.

I have oily skin and pimples sprout creams me, what should I do?
We must start a program to balance the pH of the skin, once a week with special products, for your cream is apparently not the right product. We must do a peel with a machine that has the information in your skin and removes dead cells and balance oil production. The weekly program of 10 sessions, giving a maintenance annually thereafter once a month.

Do you do nose jobs?
Yes, we actually have the service of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, including nose. We also have the nose correction without surgery, provided there are no problems of a deviated septum, and when drop-point or hump and the effect is immediate and permanent.

Do Brazilians threads are desirable in the face of the cheeks?
Yes, in fact is the area most often tends to sagging and for that zone are indicated Brazilian wires as well as eyebrows when flaccid.

Are doctors who do the treatments?
Yes, we have a health bar, all are certified and specialists such as plastic surgeons, specialists in wireless Brazilian cosmeatras certified and we are backed by general physicians.

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