Five secrets super diet

secrets super dietMany of us have the word “diet” subconsciously causes discomfort. And it is quite reasonable. After saying “diet” we immediately imply various constraints, tough diet, the test of willpower, finally. Often the “sit” on a diet can be difficult, so few people achieve visible results.

A healthy diet, by contrast, does not require you any sacrifice. A healthy diet – it is life itself, filled to the brim with joy and energy.

One Principle.
Each and every food product (vegetable or animal origin) is an invaluable contribution to the health of our body. It is very important in your daily diet to include more variety of products.

Listen to your body. When choosing a product is not afraid to experiment! Prefer only those products that you like for your taste and beneficial properties.

Second principle:
Want to forget about the high level of cholesterol in the body? Then apply a simple rule: 70/30. Where 70% of your daily diet should include: fruits, vegetables, cereals, peas, beans, beans. The remaining 30% – low-fat dairy products, fish, lean meats veal, rabbit or poultry.

Principle Three:
Scientific evidence shows that daily consumption of green, orange and yellow vegetables (fruits) to help protect the body from these dangerous diseases such as cancer. Be sure to include in your diet broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, citrus fruits. These natural antioxidants are successfully slowing the aging process.

Principle Four:
Meat. Choose lean meats: poultry without skin, veal, beef, rabbit.

Semi-finished products. Do not buy frozen foods in supermarkets. In general, they contain dangerous trans fats, the excessive use of which leads to such serious diseases as cancer, diabetes, liver disease, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
Conclusion: Eat freshly prepared food from seasonal natural products specific to your geographic location.

Fats. Eat more fish and nuts. They contain healthy unsaturated fats.
Margarine, spreads, butter, if possible, replace with olive, canola or sunflower oil.

Dairy products. Buying milk and milk products, choose the low fat.

Dessert. Try replacing the cream cakes, pastries, candies, cookies on the juicy, ripe fruit in summer and winter fruits.

Five Principle:
“Eat as much – how much energy you spend!” It is important to maintain a balance between consumed and calories expended.
In other words, do not eat more than your body needs it!
So if you consider yourself to be active people (regularly engaged in fitness, running around in the park, making a long walks), while not being afraid, you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as you want. Your calories burned will be ruthlessly physical activity!

Or are you still prefer a more calm and measured pace of life? A physical exercise do you prefer reading, walking outdoors – watching TV, driving on a bicycle – many hours sitting behind a computer? Then the situation is quite different. Third part of their normal portions – this is exactly what you can safely eat at the dinner table. Otherwise, very soon, for you to knock the excess weight. But what if the so-appetizing gastronomic delights, and you simply can not stand in front of them? The answer is simple: Eat at your leisure! Only then do not forget to “burn” calories are derived in the gym!

Reminder: Remember that if your daily diet rich in saturated and beneficial nutrients, there is nothing wrong with a chance eaten cheeseburger, a piece of cake or a calorie juicy chop. Sometimes your body is pampered “forbidden” foods! Similarly it should be sensitive to alcohol. Doctors say that women’s allowable rate per day of either 340 ml of beer or 100 ml wine or 50 ml of vodka. Otherwise, alcohol leads to greater health problems.

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