Fitness for busy women

busy womenLose weight tone up and be healthy, but you go to the gym complicated? Then Detach yourself from the chair and follow these tips, suitable for busy women, girlfriends and busy women inactive.

No need to kill yourself doing sit-ups, much less if the gym bores you. Nor jogging for hours. The key to being beautiful and healthy is to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Ten minutes of exercise have at least one hour of effect on your body, says Dr. Robert Gerszten from Massachusetts General Hospital. So, nothing better than training express these ideas.

Strollering: racing strollers

Is a global trend, super practical for moms seeking to recover its shape. Is to go to a park or plaza, often in groups, and do brisk walking with babies in strollers. He is accompanied with a series of exercises.

Sexing burns calories between the sheets

Did you know that a sexual routine may be as effective as going to the gym? Two specialists from the world of fitness confirmed and share their tips for the best results.

Do you live sitting? It’s time to get up

The most serious is the lack of physical activity, but the excessive time spent sitting. So concluded a study of the American Cancer Society, which had alarming results. To avoid this have to do often breaks at least one minute. For example, getting up to fetch water, moving around the office / room or approach a colleague instead of sending an email.

Train front of a screen!

If your boyfriend or your kids are fans of console games like the Wii or PlayStation, sácales juice you too: they are a good alternative to exercise.

Walk to lose weight

Nothing could be simpler. You can take the kids to school, go home to work or run an errand. Walking at a fast pace burns about 300 calories per hour on a person of about 70 kilos. This means that if you walk for 45 minutes 4 times a week, you can lose up to 8 kilos in one year.

Join the gym working

Spend hours standing or on the computer can generate discomfort and changes in the body. Some companies noticed and promote physical activity within the workplace.

Cola and perfect legs in 15 minutes a day

To exercise the lower part of your anatomy do not need to kill yourself on the treadmill or gym machines. With that you spend a quarter hour of exercise is sufficient.

Train 30 minutes at home or in the square

Express some plans are a great addition if you are not accustomed to training. You manage to create a revolution in your body and that leads to get results quickly.

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