Find out how many calories your body needs

If you want to lose weight, you need to know how much energy each day. And for that you must know your metabolism baseline. We give you the formula to calculate it. Calories are a unit for measuring the energy a person consumes or spends. If you want to lose weight, you have two choices: eat less or exercise more.
To find out how much energy your body needs, you have to calculate your basal metabolism, ie, the amount of energy or calories you consume completely still (to stay alive, so to speak). This value depends on the age, body weight and physical condition, including the amount of muscle mass (as opposed to fatty tissue, muscle tissue consumes energy at all times).

With this formula you can calculate relatively accurately what your basal metabolic rate:

  • 18 years
    17.3 x body weight + 651 kg
  • 19 to 30 years
    15.3 x body weight + 679 kg
  • From 31 to 60 years
    11.6 x body weight + 879 kg
  • More than 60 years
    13.5 x body weight + 487 kg
  • Example for a 35 years and 80 kilos of weight:
    11.6 x 80 + 879 = 1807 kcal you expend all the body at rest in 24 hours.

Eat more without gaining weight
Any activity you do during the day, either out of bed, brush your teeth, climb stairs, push the elevator button, take a walk or play sports, consumes additional energy is added to the basal metabolism. The advantage of endurance sports is that they consume a relatively large amount of energy. This allows you to eat more without gaining weight or losing even eat the same.

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