Exercises to lose weight and burn fat at home

burn fatThe exercises get lose inches and tone legs, butt, abs and arms to reveal a body ten

It is a revolution in the field of fitness and helps with simple exercises and simple. With Pilates can do pushups and crunches in a calm and see how we lose belly, but mostly we get fitter. We can help in a rubber ball half size we use to get over or under when to stretch.

Abdominal renewed
Only need a small mat or mat on the floor and let us stretch out your back with hands behind his head bent. Climb and descend several times in order to lose belly fat. It is very important to breathe correctly.

A boring abs can always bring them a little music and stretches vary in order to not get bored. Furthermore, it should be constant when doing abs.

We begin with a table of ten to go up gradually as the days pass. With half an hour a day is enough to end our surplus belly and strengthen your legs and arms. So easy and simple.

A bit of pace! Jumping rope
Become serve small devices we have at home so that our exercises are more enjoyable and easy. If we have a rope or string, like when we were little, we can jump for a few minutes. You will find that is the best fat burner!

Combined with a good diet
All these exercises or dances should be performed daily or at least every other day to keep pace. In nothing is going to be serving two full hours a day dancing if we exercise our table constantly.

We should also point out that to lose weight successfully, sports drinks combined with a good diet, since otherwise we can get fat. The Mediterranean diet is the best to be healthy, maintaining a splendid figure and not gaining extra kilos

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