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ExercisesThe care of our body giving strength and also good exercise makes us feel beautiful, so if you’ve been looking for a different training technique to break the routine, eliminate boredom, and get new results, complexes may be just what you wanted.

If you’ve never heard of the complex, the basic concept is that instead of doing multiple repetitions of the same year to complete a series, make a sequence of several different exercises one after another and repeat the sequence several times to complete a series.

Basically it’s like performing a routine, instead of a typical series without thinking. This type of training is excellent to work a lot of muscles in a short period and definitely takes your workouts to a new level of intensity. The conditioning aspect of this type of training is amazing, because you’ll be puffing after repeating a sequence a mere two or three times.

This is an example of a strong complex with bars really energizes:

Example Barbell Complex

1. Lift from the ground rapidly to the height of the shoulders in one motion;
2. Return the bar to the height of the thighs, then raise it rapidly from knees to shoulders;
3. Bar back to the floor, then lift the bar to shoulder height, hold the position momentarily and then quickly raise it above the head;
4. Bar back up to the thighs, knees slightly bent with back straight, then raise the bar to the waist;
5. Bar back up to the thighs, complete with dead weight.

Use a weight that you can still handle for your weakest lift, but it is heavy enough to be a challenge. Try to repeat the sequence 2-3 times without resting … That’s a series. You can progress over time in this routine by increasing the amount of times you repeat the sequence in each series, or by adding sets on subsequent workouts before increasing the weight.

Now I will show you a great kettle bell complex that really makes you work hard. If you do not have kettle bells you can use a dumbbell, but I recommend you get one … it is very convenient to have it when you make a quick and intense workout at home without going to the gym.

I would recommend starting with one and learn first all simple exercises with kettle bells, before delving into the exercises with two. With a kettle bell coupled with some body weight exercises can be enough to build your own home gym, no need any other equipment. Or a kettle bell can be a great alternative workout to incorporate into your routine once or twice a week. Either way, it opens a new world of training.

Sample Weight Complex with Russian

1. Raise arm to shoulder height;
2. Raise one arm, keep the weight above his head;
3. Raise one arm above his head squat;
4. Weight back to the floor, then lift it with one arm high;
5. Weight back to the floor, and rest of the squat

As with the barbell complex, repeat the sequence (without rest) 2-3 times with each arm. This is a series … and a very difficult series! Try to take 3 to 4 to 5 sets on subsequent workouts with a given weight before increasing repetitions of sequences. If you’re not drenched in sweat and his heart beating out of your chest after making the complex, or did you do with little weight, or are a mutant freak!

Since dumbbells are more accessible to most people than kettle bells, now I will show you how to assemble a good resort with them.

Dumbbell Complex Example

1. Lift them up to shoulder height with both arms separately and then both together
2. Stride forward with one leg, then the other
3. Stride backward with one leg, then the other
4. Raise your arms with elbows bent and then stretch them over the head
5. Keep the dumbbells to shoulder level and squat

Again, the same type of sequence and progression accounted for the complex with bar work very well with those of dumbbells. I think a great strategy is to alternate barbell complexes and complex one day with kettle bell or dumbbell training on other days.

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