Exercise reduces risk of cancer in women

cancer in womenWomen who daily exercises that make you sweat are at 30% lower risk of detrimental cancer, concludes a new study.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed 14 previous studies England and found that physical activity reduces the risk of this variety of cancer by 20% to 40% compared with sedentary women. The study is published online in the British Journal of Cancer. It was funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Scientists have long known that exercise reduces the risk of cancer, including breast, colon, esophagus and kidneys. Excess fat tends to lead to increased hormone levels, in turn, can increase the risk of cancer.

Already knew that maintaining healthy body weight is an important means of reducing the risk of uterine cancer, but our study showed that physical activity has a protective effect in itsel, National Cancer Institute, lead author of study.

But experts are not sure how much physical activity is required to reduce that risk. One study found that over 20% of cervical cancers could be prevented if women had exercised vigorously for 20 minutes at least five times a week.

In a parallel investigation, Moore and his colleagues also took into account previous studies that tracked how much time women spent sitting.

They found that those who sat more than nine hours a day had twice the risk of endometrial cancer than those who were sitting less than three hours. In developed countries, women over 40 had a probability of getting that variety of cancers.

“This new research provides clear evidence that the more active a woman sitting and less time-pass, the less likely to contract cervical cancer,Director of health information at Cancer Research Institute of British , not linked with the investigation.

Hiom said the exercise helped reduce potentially harmful levels of estrogen.

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