Exercise for weight loss of buttocks

buttocksGreater part of women as the major problem area is allocated buttocks. And it is not amazing, since the female body puts fat in this area. At the same time, round ass and certainly adds a trim woman sex appeal. In order to give the very shape of the buttocks, the dream of many women, it is essential not so much. We need only remember a few secrets, and from time to exercise for weight loss.

What you should know about the gluten muscles?
Buttock shaped the upper, middle and bottom muscles, causative to the movement of the hips. You can feel them while walking or during rotation of the hips. Unfortunately, our hips are often attracting not only men’s views, but those spare pounds.

Optimistic effect on muscle tones the buttocks and thigh has any aerobic activity: walking, jogging or biking. In this case, the results are likely, if we move along an inclined surface facing up. Such exercises are forced to work the underlying muscles, thereby burning calories.

If you want to not only improve the shape of the buttocks, but also lose weight, choose the bicycle. Through regular walks you strengthen all the muscles of the leg. You can deal with the simulator in the gym, and you can ride down the street, but surely it should be done regularly and for a long time.

If you have the opportunity to swim, go to the river or the sea, or buy a subscription to the pool. Systematic swimming will strengthen not only your buttocks, but also all the muscles.

In addition to aerobic exercise is necessary to perform strength exercises, because when doing a bike, swimming and running involve all the muscles of the body. And our task is to provide an additional burden on the buttocks.

In order not to work for nothing, you must adjust your diet. Do not use animal fats and sugar, reduce the number of calories eaten. Nutritionists all countries annually develop new and effective diet to lose weight fast and easy to use one of them! The secret of elastic buttocks is simple: eat less, move more!
A couple of simple exercises to strengthen the buttocks

Like it or not, but the most effective exercises for tightening the thighs and amalgamate muscles is the squat. To properly perform this exercise is better to do it in front of a mirror. So your efforts will be more effective. Place the feet shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. It should bend the knees until the thighs become parallel to the floor. Deeper squats are not recommended! This exercise should be alternated with squatting on a chair to be positioned behind the back. Crouching does not go down on him completely. To enhance the load spread your legs as wide as possible.

Exercise titled Tremors is running on all fours. Try to evenly distribute body weight. Squeeze the chest to the legs bent at the knee, and then take away her back, straightening, and lift up. Try to keep the rhythm, but at the same time strongly do not overdo it.

Looking in the mirror, making sure your back remains flat. If you want to increase the load on feet can attach little weight. The recommended number of repetitions: ten on each leg. Over time, the number of repetitions can be increased.

Another exercise called lunges, contains an element of stretch marks and is no less effective. Attacks must make and forward and backward. Regular execution of this exercise will help to solve the problem permanently flabby amalgamate muscles. To begin with only 10 reps on each leg. In the future, increase the number of repetitions and approaches. Remember: to keep the body toned, it is unnecessary to exhaust themselves up a sweat, the main thing – to do regularly. However, if you can combine those two things, then enjoy the result will be much sooner.

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