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 arms & shoulders

How to build up the muscles of the shoulder girdle, as lots of people, in particular men, prefer this particular group of muscles. In my slanted view, the human body must be relative pumped, but then it looks really impressive, and, nevertheless, can not but agree that pumped hands look very attractive.

Men who want to remove from the arm and shoulder the extra fat, but, of course, many women also find useful tips here.

Professional bodybuilders workout arms give the same amount of time, as well as to pump the rest of the body! However, the return to ordinary people, who not only want to develop their muscles, but also lose weight. Common efforts are also able to lead to a significant result in the end, it is better to do something than nothing at all, but this result might not be so, to what you’re aiming for. Training of the shoulder girdle muscles – this is a very laborious and not easy.

There are several ways to pump up your hands, removing from them with the extra weight: it is necessary, or performs a special exercise program, or to swing himself. Choosing the second option implies that the person already knows some of the nuances of this case, since the specific details will have to pay a lot of time.

Many people believe that to increase the biceps and triceps exercise is quite simple to do and see to it that these muscles are strained. But this belief is not true. Often, building a strong hand muscles is difficult.

The problem lies in the fact that novice bodybuilders do not know enough exercise. There are a large number of exercises designed to inflate the same muscle groups. Although these exercises seem similar at first glance, in reality, they include various muscle bundles. Therefore, in creating beautiful hand has a variety of small importance.

To start propose to talk about the development of the biceps, or the language of professionals – the biceps machine. At the heart of any exercise aimed at weight loss biceps curl is. This exercise should be taken seriously because there are many variations of it.

A. Exercise for weight loss of hands. Bending the arm with a dumbbell while sitting.

This exercise for weight loss can be called a hand isolated or concentrated that is aimed precisely at the biceps. Take a sitting position on the edge of the bench and pumped his hands rest against his elbow into the inside of the thigh (just above the knee), and then begin to bend the arm.

During the exercise the brush is free hand on his hip. Slowly bend the arm straightened, and then just as slowly unbend, dipping the brush. During flexion of the hands of Focus on the muscles biceps. Repeat with your other hand. It is recommended to do three sets of fifteen flexion.

Two. Exercise for weight loss of hands. Bending the arm with the dumbbell to shoulder.

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but more fully developed muscle.
Take the same starting position as in exercise number one. Bend your elbow, not helping themselves by other muscles. Try to direct all attention to the biceps, feel it. Inhale while bending, and exhale, straightening his hand. The recommended rate of exercise – the average, or even better – slowly. It is recommended to do three sets of fifteen flexion.

An important remark to the implementation of the first and second exercise:

Necessary to eliminate any movement in joints other than the elbow
Try to do the exercise with clear and correct amplitude.

Three. Exercise for weight loss of hands. Curl bar with a signature stamp.

There are two versions of this exercise. It all depends on the type chosen your neck: straight or curved. Exercise with a curved neck is mainly aimed at the internal head of the biceps machine.

Place feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight, straighten shoulders and keep your elbows slightly and bend your body forward. Taking the neck, begin to bend your elbows. We recommend an average, or better yet the slow pace of the exercise. Watch for precision movements. Pay particular attention to the fact that it is necessary to perform this exercise without the help of the back muscles and not making a movement (rocking and jerks) in the hip joint. It is recommended that three sets of 15 movements.

Exercise with straight neck is similar to the previous one, but it does have some advantages: it is aimed at the entire load of the biceps. But there is a significant drawback: while overreach wrist.
Exercise for weight loss triceps

There are a large number of exercises and their variations, to losing weight and strengthening the biceps. However, we are unduly neglected by the triceps, but it’s also no small muscle. If some go into biology, it can be concluded that the triceps was supposed to physically superior to the biceps; triceps is because of triceps and biceps – the biceps.

The load on the triceps is in all the exercises, when your hands get turned his head. The following exercises will help pump up the triceps beginners.

A. Exercise for weight loss shoulders. Bench dumbbell with both hands behind the neck.

This exercise can be performed while standing, but we would recommend you to do it while sitting with a focus for the back to reduce strain on the spine, or to apply now. You need to bring the dumbbell in a pancake and make the fingers of both hands under the top pancake. Straighten your back and raise your arms above your head with a dumbbell. You then need to gently bend your elbows until the dumbbells will not appear on their heads.

At the same time you feel like is stretching the triceps. In carrying out the exercise, keep your elbows parallel to each other throughout the approach, trying to breed them well in hand. Then, straining the triceps, slowly straighten your arms back to starting position. For a moment pause in the up position and bend your arms again. It is recommended to perform 15 movements in the three approaches.

Two. Exercise for weight loss shoulders and arms. Scott Bench or the French bench.

This exercise is aimed at careful study of the triceps, and then there is an isolated one.

For its implementation must lie on the bench, straightened up his hands to the floor, and ask your partner to give you a vulture. For this exercise is better a curved neck. Taking the bar, fully straighten your hands, rejecting in part to the side faces (about 45 degrees from vertical).

This provision will be starting. Bend your arms at the same part of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder should remain stationary. Should be lowered to the level of the bar top. Do not stop at the end of the bend! Immediately, straightening arms at the elbow, return to starting position. To exercise had its own effect; you need to keep your elbows parallel to, not to plant them, take a narrow grip the bar. Watch for smooth exercise, avoid jerks.

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