Eid – also diet.

DietThe first day of Ramadan on the Muslim calendar. On this day, all religious Muslims fasting, except for the sick, children, pregnant and lactating mothers. And because I am Md Mosaddaque hossain (Yeasin) a Muslim, then I, of course, keep it.

If the light in Christendom positions, mostly going to abstain from animal food, but many of them (in the general account for more than 200 days a year, I am told), then the Muslim fasting lasts only a month or 30 days and the post is very heavy.

Well, you say, why do we need it, where does religion, not interested. But I do not think so. With equal pleasure I read and the Bible, and Koran. If there is a possibility – it is necessary to know as much as possible, and interest in life around them, learn their culture and way of life, doorstop, customs, religion, etc. and etc.. The world is huge and we are all different. So today I write to you about the Muslim fasting.

As we begin the day while fasting? Imagine an alarm clock ringing in the 2-30 am and I’m running to the kitchen for half an hour should have time to cook breakfast and set the table. In principle, we can not go. Breakfast is normal, honey, butter, boiled egg and 1, make sure the cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes, tea and coffee. And be sure to flour-something donuts, cakes. To breakfast was hearty, but unsalted. And be sure to cool bottle of water. With difficulty bush family and amazing, but so nice to have a meal at dawn, before sunrise. It’s summer, the heat and tables on the street. Then a short prayer and sleep. During the day we shall be prohibited:
And drink
-Chew gum
-To have sex, even kissing or hugging
Need to learn patience and again patience. Will power is generated and the person realizes that you can tolerate it turns, it is possible to restrain themselves and their desires, one begins to understand what hunger and thirst, and even the rich sit in the same hungry, poor, and the latter becomes merciful. This test, which we must pass with flying colors. From birth, I grew up in a religious family. Although it is too progressive. At that time, both on our traditions to girls after school shone only on the wedding and the only family life, my grandparents had a higher education, the parents, too, I heard the first class that must go to university and studied later. That is the modern realities and religion have always been close.

And here comes the evening, the sun is just going to sit down, our fasting from sunrise to sunset. And then all of our hostess at the stove and cook the most delicious, but also the easiest. Because junk food at the end of the day can give both to the stomach, which then does not seem sweet. Soups, vegetables, sauces, yogurts, juices, fruit drinks. Well, the summer fruit and blockage. In winter, when the hold-expensive, of course, but not so hard. And what’s interesting about food-and remember-only drink coherent want. Today in 8-40 drank, then ate. Prepared a light soup of lentils and fish in the oven, the cake baked. Watermelon is still intact-no place. A little later cut and enjoy. After all, happiness is to live in the south. Grapes, peaches, melons…

Here and fasting. I thought with my illness or not able to fast-managed, swallowed pills in the morning and nothing. And my youngest is also asking to keep the post. But I allowed him this year, only 3 days to hold – one in the beginning, middle and end of the month. He is 11, and the post should be to keep the boys from the age of 12, and girls from 9 years old. But the environment affects morale, he is ready. There is no compulsion, it is his duty and he will decide to give it or not.

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