Easy and quick diet

quick dietWeight lose Diet fast and easy, so do not lose the desire and not be tired, you lose weight. You can lose one to two kilos a week, and the possibility of not gaining weight after finishing with the plan. Forget the rebound and start paying attention to this diet with healthy foods.

Eliminating fats that harm our health, without forgetting the essential nutrients for the body, then detail the foods that may be incorporated. Such a diet is specified in examples of three days.

The remaining days may vary and food preparations, without affecting the final results.

Day 1
– Orange juice and a slice of bread.
– One serving of fruit.
– Salad of carrots.
– Tuna and lettuce.
– Fruit salad for dessert.
– Infusion and two oatmeal cookies.
– Chicken burger on whole wheat bread with tomato and an infusion.

Day 2
– Coffee with sweetener and two slices of black bread.
– A low-fat yogurt or a piece of fruit.
– Fillet of beef on the grill.
– Boiled vegetables.
– Salad of chickpeas.
– Orange juice and toast with cheese.
Choice of:
– Vegetable soup or broth.
– Asparagus, baked chicken and tomato.
– An infusion.

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