Diet of garlic

garlic dietsDiet according to medical studies, garlic has positive effects on the development of the human good, some are: Improving the immune system and strengthen our resistance to eliminate the Ayuda highly effective for hypertension and problems of the body of fat-free and calculations depositions.

Fedora metabolism and reduces body weight normal. Decade weight taking it to blood clots and becomes more elastic all the blood vessels, healing also the arteriosclerosis. Cora chemise, sinusitis, hypertension and bronchial diseases pulmonary.

Cora the diaphragm and myocardium inferno. Hake caber. Cara away the pain of brain thrombosis, arthritis and rheumatism artistry. Cara the gastritis, stomach ulcers and tumors hemorrhoids. Absorbed all kinds of internal and riots extern. To do this view and you can get a drink that is prepared as follows: Ingredients  350 gr. of raw garlic, peeled and crushed. ¼ liter of brandy or alcohol of 70 ° for internal use. Procedure is incorporated garlic brandy and allowed ten days in refrigeration. * Strain and refrigerate for two days. Is eaten drops table. Fuentes according to the following: the TV Show

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