Diet for workaholics

Diet workstationThe saddest thing is that from the long sitting at the computer, lack of proper nutrition, stress and lack of rest suffer metabolism, restore and normalize that it is very difficult, so it should take care to maintain health and form in advance, for the perfect diet for workaholics.

However, one diet to correct the consequences of poor lifestyle is impossible, since stress is associated with the elaboration of specific substances that contribute to the formation of fat in problem areas.

Therefore, you must learn to maintain balance of mind, and if you can not do it – to give up eating altogether, because the famine will be a lesser evil than the food in a stressful situation, which breaks down the process of assimilation of ingested and lost control of the amount of food. Consider the basic version of such a diet, calorie daily diet which can not be less than 1,200 calories, with its rich feature is the saturation of the vitamins that are important for business people.

The beginning of the day
Before breakfast, you must prepare the body for food intake, which is necessary to eat an apple or drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

At this meal you can pick the best of the options: cheesecake dessert with fruit (no sugar added), scrambled eggs + salad or cereal, supplemented by berries. As a drink, you can select with the addition of weak tea spoon of honey.

This meal also allowed some variations: soup + salad of tomatoes with the addition of apples and flavored with olive oil + beef + fat free small slice of bread and green tea.

Salsola, apple-carrot salad, fish or chicken, steamed, a small slice of bread and tea.

The soup of vegetables, cabbage, quenched with meat, orange or apple.

It is unacceptable to use other types of tea, add sugar to the drink, or write copiously flavor spices and salt.

Afternoon snack
At this meal you can eat a cookie, but the need to wash it down with a low-fat yogurt, or infusion of rose hips.

This meal is diverse, it may contain the following variations:
Seaweed salad, stewed tomatoes with eggplant, fruit compote.
Buckwheat + seaweed salad, tomato juice.
ragout of vegetables + fruits in season with the exception of citrus, which may exacerbate the effects of stress on the body.

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