Diet for weight gain

Weight loseFat women are usually dissatisfied with their body shape and want to lose weight, and lean dreams better. And often the last to do trudge. Pered you start an appropriate diet that will help increase the weight, it is necessary to conduct a thorough medical examination, as the cause of thinness may be any disease.

The sooner it is able to determine, the sooner you get rid of it. And only a doctor will decide whether to use a particular diet.

Girls who are in puberty sometimes very rapidly, and are thin, we recommend that prolonged exposure to fresh air. This treatment works well on women who, despite their best efforts, simply can not gain weight. Even the change of environment sometimes has a beneficial effect. Those who can not live in a village in the country or outside the city, it would be useful to try at home following a diet.

You need to eat five times a day at certain times, slowly and chewing food thoroughly.

Whenever possible, try not to get nervous before a meal – it harms digestion. After a hearty lunch, you’re a completely different look at the troubles that you seemed irreparable.

Better to get up half an hour earlier to have breakfast in peace. During the meal is harmful to read or listen to the radio. After the meal is useful to lay down a quarter of an hour to complete rest, relax the muscles completely.

Before dinner, regardless of the weather, take a one-hour walk, doing a walk deep breaths – it increases the appetite. Then eat properly and not later than one hour to bed.

During the treatment should not drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea, cigarettes and drugs that excite the nervous system.

Sleep should be from 8 to 10 hours a day, without sleeping pills. If you suffer from insomnia, try to take a warm bath before bed with pine extract. If you do not have baths, you can hold the feet alternately in hot and cold water, adding a pine extract or table salt. After dinner, good to drink small sips a glass of warm beer.

Try not to leave the inner balance and work out at least for a phlegm during treatment. If you worry and to take all too much to heart, you gain weight you do not succeed.

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