Diet for waist

dietThe waist is no need to perform exercises, but rather to find the right diet. The following meals will help to make the waist seductive and subtle. Excluded from the diet of pasta, fatty foods, as well as a diversity of sweets. You can select any of the options.

Breakfast: 100 g cheese (home), ½ of the melon.
Lunch: ½ of the melon, cabbage, broccoli, grilled fish 150g.
Dinner: Grilled pork chop 125g mixed salad.

Breakfast: one apple, 25g cereal (unsweetened)
Lunch: 50g chicken (without skin), 35g of cheese (low fat), salad (low-calorie vegetables), 2 slices of bread from wheat flour.
Dinner: 75g cold meat, mixed salad (or 125g steak, baked tomatoes and peas 50g).

This diet can be used both independently and in conjunction with specific exercises . We offer the following to help expedite the results. Each exercise must be performed 10 times.
Lie on your right side, based on the bent elbow to your right. Left hand at this time at the waist. Both feet must be lifted up, without bending at the same time. Of course, just do not get a high throw and retention. But as soon as the muscles become stronger, will not be repeated 20-40 times Nemea.
From a standing position with knees raised alternately touching the elbow of the opposite hand (right knee, left elbow, left knee – right elbow). For each leg 20-40 times.
Should sit on the floor and bend your knees slightly. Hands are behind your head, palms – on the back of his head. Making the slope turns right and left for 10-20, and waist muscles are working, and not the neck. At first, this exercise can be performed based on the wall.
From a standing position, the right hand above his head, left at the waist, making the slopes of the left waist muscles. Then the right hand moved to her waist and the left made up and tilts to the right. At each side needs to be done on slopes of 10-20.
Sitting on the floor, legs slightly bent at the knees, hands behind the back rest. Alternately bent leg fall to the right and left. If, during the tilt tear socks off the floor, it will work the muscles of the lower press. In each direction you must tilt 20-40.

Do not forget the dancing. They help to find a great waist. Especially well established twist. But you can carry out any other dance systems, since each of them aimed at the formation of the ideal figure.

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