Diet for Slim & Fitness

SlimDiet is fair and falls within the category of low-calorie. A well-balanced diet, you can use this diet for quite some time. The day should consume 1000 – 1400 kcal.

The mixture of 30 minutes of exercise day diet fitness can give very good consequences. You can engage yourself in fitness, fast walking or jogging, Calamities. Also during this program you can use the exercise of “Juan go.” Thanks to fitness diet can lose up to 5 pounds a month, with no harm to the body is not a diet.

For the use of diet is recommended to drink mineral water, juices, green tea.

At the core of fitness diet is a fractional power. The diet should be divided into 4-6 receptions. Remember, you will lose weight more quickly than most will eat.

Below are listed some recommendations that should be used to produce a diet fitness diet.
– Salads should be refilled only with olive oil, mayonnaise is not used.
– Do not desalinate. Remember, salt retains water in the body, which prevents weight loss.
– For cooking porridge, you can use milk, but milk fat content shall not exceed 1.5%.
– During the diet you can eat all the fruit completely.
– Pasta diet should be made of coarse flour.
– Only use brown rice, brown.

Diet Fitness is not hungry. It can continue for quite some time. Every day, the diet has a name.

Day One – Fish

Kasha (buckwheat, oats, can be cooked in milk of low fat) (150 g);
0-45% fat cottage cheese (250 g);
The soup, cooked in vegetable broth (250 ml);
Boiled rice (150 g);
Fruits or berries (200 g);
Rye bread (40 g);
Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs (300 g);
Marine fish, boiled or roasted on the grill (150 g);
Olive oil (10 g).

Day Two – Meat

Porridge cooked in milk fat content of small (150 g);
0-45% fat cottage cheese (250 g);
Beef or boiled beef (200 g);
The soup (250 ml);
Vegetable stew (200 g);
Vegetable salad (300 g);
Berries and fruit (200 g);
Olive oil (10 g).

Day three – egg-milk

Porridge cooked in milk fat content of small (100 g);
0-45% fat cottage cheese (250 g);
Cheesecakes (250 g);
Eggs (3-4 units);
Sour cream (250 g);
Salad of green vegetables (300 g);
Fruits or berries (200 g).

Day Four – Fish

Porridge cooked in milk fat content of small (150 g);
Yogurt (200 g);
Muffins (2 pieces);
Rye bread (40 g);
The soup (250 ml);
Potatoes (200) g;
Sea boiled fish (150 g);
Salad of green vegetables (300 g);
Bananas (100 g).

Day Five – fruit

Dates (100 g);
Bananas (200 g);
Oranges (100 g);
Apples (100 g);
Raisins and grapes (100 g);
Dried apricots (100 g);
Yogurt (250 g).

Day Six – Chicken

Porridge cooked in milk fat content of small (150 g);
Eggs (2-3);
Bananas (100 g);
Rye bread (40 g);
Curd Dessert (100 g);
The soup (250 ml);
Boiled chicken (100 g);
Salad of green vegetables (300 g);
Pasta (1200 g);
Peach juice (200 g);
One small bun.

The seventh day – free

On this day, select any of the diet of the previous days.

Note that does not necessarily follow the order of days, we have proposed, they can be interchanged. However, do not depart from the product list. Such food is slowly but surely brings you closer to the desired result. The hunger you feel. In the conventional products, too, the refusal is not required.

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