Diet for breeches

Diet The absent harmony of your feet, you can use dissimilar techniques. Many women want to get divest of his breeches, which over time may come into sight in each. The maximum score achieved by a combination of diet and an work out program.

The organization of the female body, such that most of the fat accumulates in the thighs. Therefore, during the diet and its completion is recommended to ditch the high-calorie cheeses, fried foods and fatty foods restore leaner. From the options below you can select the most suitable.

One. Roasted tomatoes, toast bread with cottage cheese (two tablespoons)

Two. A small banana, dry wheat tortilla (1 pc.), Skim milk (0.5 cups).

One. Mashed banana with lemon juice, a small booth of the meal,

Two. Lemon juice and a loaf of coarse flour, 50 grams of salt tuna,

Three. Cooked beans (two tablespoons), roll out the meal.

One. White fish on the grill (150gramm), jacket potatoes (125 grams), squash, green beans pod.

Two. Chicken leg without skin (250gramm), grilled, mixed salad (can be a large portion)

This diet should be combined with the next set of exercises. They should all be focused on those muscle groups that are responsible for the orderliness of his breeches. Walking, running, sex perfectly suited to achieve this goal. But even the laziest can improve the shape of the legs while sitting on the couch and watching your favorite programs and movies. You can, for example, to compress the ankle cushions. If the ads on TV, you can perform the following exercise.

Must lie on the floor and turn on your left side. Left elbow should rest against the floor. In order to balance the right hand palm and rests on the floor, but in front of him. From this position to raise and lower the right leg 10 times, and then roll over on its right side and repeat this exercise by lifting your left leg.

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