Diet for a flat stomach

flat stomachA flat stomach ideal, it is possible to use a special diet. With her stomach is flat and firm, regardless of whether you are lying on your back or standing. To get results, you must exclude from your diet the foods that trigger the growth of stomach: biscuits, cakes, sweets and even bread.

Need to eat consistently, in strictly designated hours, but little by little. Meals should include the following products: oranges, watercress and lemon juice. Need to reduce the amount of coffee, and clean water, on the contrary, increase.

Breakfast, two crisp breads and one boiled egg or an orange with a glass of diet yogurt)
Lunch: fish (or chicken without skin) 250 grams of mixed salad (large portion)
Dinner: Grilled steak, cooked beans 75gramm, orange (a).

If the menu is boring, the food for lunch and dinner you can change places with each other. Every day, you can choose from the following snacks: candy bar, a portion of vegetable soup.

The required set of exercises– You need to sit on a chair and straighten your back, knees shifted, feet pressed to the floor. On the inhale arms stretched forward, his chin down on the exhale, to stretch the stomach muscles and make the slope to the floor. Take a breath and return to starting position. In addition to this exercise, you can remember a set of classical exercises on the press, which was carried out on school physical education classes.

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