Diet fat – good bye

DietThe face of traditional dietetics, compressed upon the works of her fellow nutritionists, discredit the hitherto considered helpful fruits, vegetables and cereals. And all because, according to Kwasniewski, useful to humans can be only fatty meat and lard.

In gathering information for this material, I, frankly, until the last moment hoping to meet a note that “diet on the fat” was someone’s drawing of a April 1, or that a nutritionist, Jan Kwasniewski, dressed in orange vests and blue tights on his head was detained by nurses and declared insane. Not at all! Diet – no joke, and Kwasniewski – absolutely sane.

Dietary fiber and vegetables – waste products, says the author of “Diet for fat.” They were good – a myth created by nutritionists mistakenly, but in reality they do not feed us, but take up space in the stomach. As well you can drink a glass of clean water. But vitamins, which are rich in vegetables and fruits, in the right amount for us are, again, in meat, especially in the by-products. So, instead of the cabbage and carrots recommends to pay attention to the heart, kidneys and liver – may be worth the bowl to incorporate them into your diet?

In general, the idea of a new diet is that people should eat foods that will not only well absorb, but also gives the body energy. These products are just animal fats, meat and fat. argues that these fats do not harm our bodies – to recover from such a meal can only be combining it with cereals and vegetables. But by themselves these products very quickly saturate, will give an energy charge, will give the body all the necessary elements and not distended stomach. Due to this “diet on fat” body quickly adjusts to the “right wave” and will help get rid of excess weight.
I guess now my words of sanity did not sound so convincing. However, looking at how the “fat diet on the” day-to-day there are more and more fans, you start to wonder – and maybe it is a sensible grain? The forum, created for fans of this diet, and those who have tried or are only going to use it quite a lot of positive feedback. Those who used the “diet on fat,” found its main advantages:

One. The diet really helps to lose weight.
Two. This diet is universal because it can help to gain weight for those who have this need.
Three. A person who eats meat, in most cases feels much less miserable than he who sits on grueling, tasteless diets.
Four. This diet is very convenient for families of people – no need to explain to members of the household, why not eat with the family at the table, and not so great a chance not resist the temptation and “break” during cooking.

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