Diet after 50 years women

DietAfter 50 years – is a divide in the life of every woman, because in this period, hormonal changes occur which involve major changes in terms of health. It’s not up to the sport and activity, as even ordinary traffic may cause some discomfort, which is why the menopause, which usually falls on 50 years of experience with the maintenance of the form.

The internal resource of the body is gradually running out, and he returns to the accumulation of fat that is not the best way affects both the shape and the general state of health.

The accumulation of excess weight or for a woman does not pass without a trace, since its effect is not only ugly figure, but also to the aggravation of disease, as well as buying new, which is extremely undesirable. In addition, a change for the worse shape changes contribute to self-esteem, with which also must be addressed.

Menopause – a process that is natural for women to adjust its course impossible, but you can always make it flow easier and to prevent negative consequences. Thus, we can conclude that diet is a must for women who want to stay on our toes, to feel attractive, stylish and easy to look good. However, losing weight rapidly at this age can not, because it might just be safe, more effective use of soft methods of weight reduction based not principles of proper nutrition, weight loss in this case amounts to no more than 3 pounds per month. However, if such a diet will be a major and a habit, a slim figure does not take long.

Diet after 50 starts with the exception of certain products:
Sweets and Confectionery
Pickled foods, salty foods
Spicy foods and fatty foods
Fried in oil products and dishes
Meat as a daily component of the diet (it is permissible to use no more than 2 times per week).

The basis of the menu should be products such as:
Seasonal vegetable products
Fermented beverages
Clams, squid and other seafood
Herbal teas
Dried fruits.

All these products are highly nutritious and easily digested this. They are not deposited in body fat and maintain high availability. The effect of nutrition becomes even more apparent if we combine it with sports training , but for this age group is well suited such training as Calamities, Body flex, even though the classic daily charge.

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